Looking for a way to decorate with a bold and distinctive edge? Then look no further than our ScalaMirage™ range.

The patterned finish of ScalaMirage™ offers an attractive way to keep your home or building private.

DecorSatin Design 1 Beautiful Spaces

Create Beautiful Spaces

With so many modern pattern options available, ScalaMirage™ offers a unique design element to enhance your space.

DecorSatin Design 2 Privacy light

Enjoy the Combination of Privacy & Light

The translucency of ScalaMirage™ offers high light transmission to provide natural illumination whilst maintaining privacy.

DecorSatin Design 3 Safety Security

Safety & Security

ScalaMirage™ is suitable for safety glass applications when toughened, reducing the risk of thermal breakage and keeping you safe, secure and stress-free.

Case Studies

Port Moresby Hotel

Decorative glass accentuates hotel surrounds

Airways Hotel, Port Moresby

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Diagram Acid Etching

Acid Etch

One or both sides of the float glass have been treated with an acid etch to a particular design – creating a satin finish.

Diagram Custom


ScalaMirage™ Design is highly customisable through the processes of painting and laminating.

Technical Specifications

  • Windows for privacy and decoration
  • Shower and bath enclosures
  • Interior partitions
  • Door inserts
  • Wall panels and wall features
  • Balustrades
  • Furniture
  • Splashbacks, with a Seraphic ceramic coating
Maximum Size: All products 3210 x 2250mm

Thickness: All products 6/10mm

Suitable to combine with other glass processes to suit custom requirements

Average distribution of acid etching on the different textures of Viridian ScalaMirage™
Organic acid-etched transparent
Fuzzy 80% 20%
Celsius 81% 19%
Circle Fade 79% 21%
Geometric acid-etched transparent
Rain 32% 68%
Linen 71% 29%
Botanic acid-etched transparent
Nantahala 43% 57%
Tree 41% 59%
*Average between the two-sided etched surfaces

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