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Ultimate performance triple glazing

For the ultimate glass experience, VistaTech™ is the latest trend of glass technology in Australia, designed to provide optimal thermal performance and natural acoustics compared to standard glazing.

With increased demand for better insulated products and the rise of sustainable building measures, VistaTech™ triple glazed units provide unwavering performance benefits that align with the passive house movement and 7 Star building standards in Australia.

The VistaTech™ range is exclusively available through Viridian and includes VistaTech™ Ultimate Performance and VistaTech XP™ Xtreme Performance.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Aligns with passive energy management and 7 Star energy regulations.
  • Superior insulation with soft coat Low E included.
  • Better window to wall ratio management, balancing thermal and daylight requirements.
  • A range of toned options available.
  • Can be customised to support design or additional acoustic solutions.
  • Supplied with a warm edge spacer.
  • VistaTech™ can incorporate Grade A safety glass.


  • Residential
  • Commercial


  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Facades



  • Suitability of glazing compounds, sealants and gaskets need to be approved by Viridian.
  • Perimeter seals must be concealed inside glazing rebates and not exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light or extended exposure to natural sunlight.
  • Units must not be stored externally or exposed to prolonged moisture prior to installation as this can result in seal failure.
  • The frames must incorporate impervious weather seals or an efficient self-draining system.
  • When transporting and/or installing at altitudes of 800m and above, special air pressure equalisation requirements may apply and must be brought to the attention of Viridian.
  • Ensure coating surfaces are identified and oriented for optimal performance.


  • Wind load and safety determine the type and thickness of glass required, refer to AS 1288 or AS 1170.1.


  • The Viridian Warranty relies on frame design in accordance with AS 2047.

How to Specify

  • Available as a fully customizable product.
  • Select from: Insulated glazed unit.
  • Compatible spacers: Warm edge only.

Performance Data

IGU Product Name Outside Glass Centre Glass Inside Glass Nominal Thickness VLT (%) U Value SHGC Selectivity
VistaTech™ Clear VFloat™ Clear VFloat™ Clear VFloat™ Clear 4+12+4+12+4 75 1.65 0.70 1.07
VistaTech™ Ultimate Clear VFloat™ Clear LightBridge™ VFloat™ Clear 4+12+4+12+4 73 1.10 0.53 1.38
VistaTech™ Ultimate Green VFloat™ Green LightBridge™ VFloat™ Clear 5+12+4+12+4 64 1.10 0.37 1.68
VistaTech™ Ultimate Grey VFloat™ Grey LightBridge™ VFloat™ Clear 5+12+4+12+4 38 1.10 0.32 1.17
VistaTech™ Ultimate Light Grey VFloat™ Light Grey LightBridge™ VFloat™ Clear 5+12+4+12+4 55 1.10 0.40 1.34
VistaTech™ Ultimate PH08 Clear PerformaTech™ PH08 VFloat™ Clear VFloat™ Clear 6+12+4+12+4 64 1.00 0.30 2.10
VistaTech™ Ultimate PH30 Clear PerformaTech™ PH30 VFloat™ Clear VFloat™ Clear 6+12+4+12+4 64 1.00 0.27 2.36
VistaTech™ XP Clear VFloat™ Clear LightBridge™ LightBridge™ 4+12+4+12+4 72 0.70 0.50 1.42
VistaTech™ XP Green VFloat™ Green LightBridge™ LightBridge™ 5+12+4+12+4 63 0.70 0.35 1.76
VistaTech™ XP Grey VFloat™ Grey LightBridge™ LightBridge™ 5+12+4+12+4 38 0.70 0.28 1.28
VistaTech™ XP Light Grey VFloat™ Light Grey LightBridge™ LightBridge™ 5+12+4+12+4 54 0.70 0.36 1.43
VistaTech™ XP PH08 Clear PerformaTech™ PH08 LightBridge™ VFloat™ Clear 6+12+4+12+4 62 0.70 0.29 2.12
VistaTech™ XP PH30 Clear PerformaTech™ PH30 LightBridge™ VFloat™ Clear 6+12+4+12+4 62 0.70 0.26 2.38

All performance data is determined using LBL window 7 software. NFRC 100 – 2010 conditions have been used.
Glass surfaces are counted from the exterior to the interior of the building.

Refer to Viridian Performance Data for more values.

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