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Product Range

Acoustic Range

Keep the outside out of living and work spaces with our soundproofing options.

With our Acoustic range, buildings preserve peace and quiet inside, no matter what’s happening outside. Discover our products specifically designed to reduce noise levels transmitted through glazing.

Designer Range

Design flourishes and styling options that give spaces unforgettable personality.

As our biggest range, the Designer range combines aesthetic flair with benefits from our other ranges. It’s form and function with beautiful glass solutions that also serve as excellent safety, security, privacy and thermal management glass. Explore the huge range and see what we have in store.

Energy Range

Unprecedented thermal control with our range of insulative glass solutions.

Our smart energy conscious glass offers cost effective savings in a building’s overall energy efficiency. Ask about our products for passive thermal management.

Essential Range

Setting the standard for quality, locally manufactured glass with infinite potential.

The Essential range primarily consists of safety glass options, the toughest glass for high pressure installations, made to withstand the elements.

Security Range

Our range to protect all things valuable and deter criminal activity.

The Security range helps to keep unwanted intruders out. Ask about our products to provide valuable protection to your building.
Viridian Glass – VFloat™


Premium float glass

Viridian Glass – VFloat™ SuperClear

VFloat™ SuperClear

Low iron glass

Viridian Glass – VTough™


Quality toughened glass

Viridian Glass – VLam™


Laminated float glass

Viridian Glass – PixaGraphic™


Digitally printed glass

Viridian Glass – DécorColour™


Laminated coloured glass

Viridian Glass – Seraphic™


Ceramic painted glass

Viridian Glass – Seraphic™ Design

Seraphic™ Design

Patterned coloured glass

Viridian Glass – Seraphic™ Spandrel

Seraphic™ Spandrel

Ceramic painted spandrels

Viridian Glass – DécorPattern™


Decorative textured glass

Viridian Glass – DécorMirror™


Premium silvered glass

Viridian Glass – DécorMirror Safe™

DécorMirror Safe™

Vinyl backed mirror

Viridian Glass – DécorSatin™


Frosted etched glass

Viridian Glass – VLam™ Translucent

VLam™ Translucent

Translucent laminated glass

Viridian Glass – Cross System™

Cross System™

ThermoTech™ IGU colonial window style

Viridian Glass – DécorFloor™


Trafficable custom structural laminates

Viridian Glass – VistaTech™


Ultimate performance triple glazing

Viridian Glass – PerformaTech™


Top tier performance double glazing

Viridian Glass – LightBridge next™

LightBridge next™

Superior performance double glazing

Viridian Glass – LightBridge™


High performance double glazing

Viridian Glass – Viridian ClimaTech™

Viridian ClimaTech™

Entry level performance double glazing

Viridian Glass – ThermoTech™


Customised double glazing

Viridian Glass – SuperTones™


Solar control single glazing

Viridian Glass – EnergyTech¹


Performance single glazing

Viridian Glass – SolTech¹


Performance single glazing

Viridian Glass – EVantage¹


High performance single glazing

Viridian Glass – ComfortPlus¹


Performance laminated glass

Viridian Glass – VLam™ Hush

VLam™ Hush

Acoustic laminated glass

Viridian Glass – ComfortHush¹


Insulated acoustic laminated glass

Viridian Glass – IntruderGuard™


Residential security laminated glass

Viridian Glass – AssaultGuard™


Commercial security laminated glass

Viridian Glass – AssaultGuard™ Ultra

AssaultGuard™ Ultra

High level security laminated glass

Viridian Glass – JailGuard™


Specialist security laminate

Viridian Glass – DécorMirror™ Oneway

DécorMirror™ Oneway

Oneway security mirror