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Top tier performance double glazing

PerformaTech™ is our range of double and triple silver high performance coatings that are designed to allow high levels of light transmittance in combination with low levels of solar heat gain and an excellent low U Value.

Particularly suited for medium to high rise facades and large glazed areas, the high performance characteristics of PerformaTech™ provide exceptional functionality and excellent design flexibility.

PerformaTech™ is the ideal solution for solar exposed elevations, where high levels of solar heat gain need to be addressed.

The spectrally selective coatings within PerformaTech™ maintain very high levels of light transmission.

With a clear to neutral aesthetic, PerformaTech™ includes a wide range of solar control levels to align with the stringent demands of regulatory requirements.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional balance of high light transmission, low solar heat gain and low U Values.
  • Available only as part of an insulating glass unit (IGU).
  • Available with aluminium spacer as standard, this product can be supplied with a warm edge thermal spacer at additional cost.
  • PerformaTech™ is suited to large expanses of glazing that require the highest performance in environmental control for energy savings.


  • Residential – Architectural
  • Commercial


  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Facades
  • Overhead Glazing
  • Curtain Wall



  • Ensure coating surface is identified and oriented for optimal performance.
  • When transported and/or installed at altitudes of 800m and above, breather tubes are required.

How to Specify

  • Available in PH08, PH20, PH25 and PH30.
  • Select from: Insulated glazed unit with heat strengthened or toughened.
  • Compatible spacers: Aluminium, Warm Edge.

Performance Data

IGU Product Name Outside Glass Inside Glass Nominal Thickness VLT (%) U Value SHGC Selectivity
PerformaTech™ PH08 Clear PerformaTech™ PH08 VFloat™ Clear 6+12+6 68 1.30 0.33 2.01
PerformaTech™ PH20 Clear PerformaTech™ PH20 VFloat™ Clear 6+12+6 46 1.30 0.19 2.42
PerformaTech™ PH25 Clear PerformaTech™ PH25 VFloat™ Clear 6+12+6 59 1.30 0.25 2.36
PerformaTech™ PH30 Clear PerformaTech™ PH30 VFloat™ Clear 6+12+6 68 1.30 0.29 2.34
PerformaTech™ PH30 Light Grey VFloat™ Light Grey PerformaTech™ PH30 6+12+6 47 1.30 0.29 1.62
PerformaTech™ PH30 Grey VFloat™ Grey PerformaTech™ PH30 6+12+6 32 1.30 0.23 1.39
PerformaTech™ PH30 Green VFloat™ Green PerformaTech™ PH30 6+12+6 58 1.30 0.31 1.87
PerformaTech™ PH30 Bronze VFloat™ Bronze PerformaTech™ PH30 6+12+6 39 1.30 0.26 1.50

All performance data is determined using LBL window 7 software. NFRC 100 – 2010 conditions have been used.
Glass surfaces are counted from the exterior to the interior of the building.

Refer to Viridian Performance Data for more values.

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