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Cross System™

ThermoTech™ IGU colonial window style

Combined with the ThermoTech™ range of insulated glass units, the Cross System™ is a bespoke solution to compliment a Hamptons style home or to preserve the character of a period home.

Traditionally, internal cross bar systems were complex to manufacture. There were limitations on aluminium profiles, colour choices and glass options as they were unable to incorporate high performing Low E coatings.

The innovative Cross System™ utilises existing aluminium spacers that simplifies joinery requirements, saving both time and expense whilst producing additional energy efficient attributes particularly when incorporated with high performing Low E glass options.

Window Fabricators can now adhere their own external bar elements to the outside, providing a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish to the complete window system.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Aesthetically pleasing decorative feature.
  • Compatible with most window suites.
  • Available in a range of profile sizes.
  • ThermoTech™ IGU range delivers outstanding levels of solar control, thermal insulation and overall comfort.
  • When incorporating Low E options, this product is only available with hard coat Low E glass solutions.


  • Residential


  • Fully Framed Windows
  • Fully Framed Doors



  • When incorporating Low E options, this product is only available with Hard Coat Low E coatings. Refer to the EnergyTech¹, SolTech¹ and EVantage¹ ranges.

How to Specify

  • Available with ThermoTech™ insulated glazed units.

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