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VLam™ Hush

Acoustic laminated glass

VLam™ Hush is a laminated glass with a specially developed interlayer to dampen noise, providing enhanced sound insulation performance.

The unique noise absorbing qualities of VLam™ Hush reduces sound transmission by dampening vibrations that are associated to noise frequencies such as voices, traffic, trains and aircrafts.

Common solutions for noise reduction involve using thicker glass, VLam™ Hush means that thinner and lighter glass can be used for equivalent acoustic performance.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • 6.5mm VLam™ Hush achieves the same acoustics compared to 10.38mm standard laminate, offering thinner glass options with superior acoustic performance.
  • Reduces UV radiation by 99% reducing fading up to 8.5 times over normal glass.
  • VLam™ Hush can incorporated in an insulated glass unit with different glass types from across our product range to provide additional benefits such as privacy, security, noise reduction and energy efficiency.
  • VLam™ Hush is a laminated Grade A safety glass.


  • Residential
  • Commercial


  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Facades
  • Partitions
  • Retrofit Glazing



  • For an accurate sound assessment, all elements of the building envelope need consideration in order to develop an accurate acoustic solution. This includes window frames, walls, floor and roof materials which all influence sound transmission.
  • Ensure any airgaps and frames are well sealed to avoid noise leaks, poorly sealed spaces will leak both air and noise.

How to Specify

  • Available in Clear, Grey and Translucent.
  • Select from: laminated or insulated glass unit.


Standard Stock Sizes

Product Name Thickness Stock Size
VLam™ Hush Clear 6.5mm 5100mm x 3210mm
VLam™ Hush Clear 8.5mm 5100mm x 3210mm
VLam™ Hush Clear 10.5mm 5100mm x 3210mm
VLam™ Hush Clear 12.5mm 5100mm x 3210mm
VLam™ Hush Grey 6.88mm 5100mm x 3210mm
VLam™ Hush Translucent 6.88mm 3660mm x 2440mm

Note: Subject to further processing requirements. Standard stock sizes do not reflect actual available stock, please consult Viridian.

Performance Data

Product Name Nominal Thickness VLT (%) U Value SHGC Selectivity
VLam™ Hush Clear 6.5 87 5.70 0.78 1.12
VLam™ Hush Clear 8.5 87 5.70 0.78 1.12
VLam™ Hush Clear 10.5 85 5.60 0.74 1.15
VLam™ Hush Clear 12.5 85 5.50 0.73 1.16
VLam™ Hush Grey 6.88 42 5.70 0.61 0.69
VLam™ Hush Grey 10.88 41 5.50 0.58 0.71
VLam™ Hush Grey 12.88 41 5.50 0.58 0.71
VLam™ Hush Translucent 6.88 68 5.70 0.69 0.99
VLam™ Hush Translucent 10.88 66 5.50 0.66 1.00
VLam™ Hush Translucent 12.88 66 5.50 0.65 1.02

All performance data is determined using LBL window 7 software. NFRC 100 – 2010 conditions have been used.
Glass surfaces are counted from the exterior to the interior of the building.

Refer to Viridian Performance Data for more values.

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