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VFloat™ SuperClear

Low iron glass

VFloat™ SuperClear low iron float glass is a specialist ultra clear glass offering the highest possible levels of light transmission and visual clarity.

VFloat™ SuperClear has distinctive clarity that is achieved by using sand with much lower iron oxide content in the batch mix when the float glass is manufactured.

VFloat™ SuperClear can be used to stunning effect in balustrade systems, frameless shower screens and furniture where a processed glass edge is exposed, and clarity of vision is desired.

VFloat™ SuperClear is also the preferred glass option for paint and print applications such as PixaGraphic™ and Seraphic™ for a true representation of colour.

Available in laminated, toughened and toughened laminated form.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding clarity and brilliance of appearance.
  • True representation of light and neutral colours when painted.
  • Distortion free when laminated due to the high levels of light transmission.
  • When toughened, VFloat™ SuperClear is Grade A safety glass.


  • Residential
  • Commercial


  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Shower Screens
  • Balustrades
  • Furniture
  • Partitions
  • Splashbacks
  • Shopfronts and Display Cases
  • Shelving

For design applications that require clear image or colour such as Seraphic™, Seraphic™ Design and PixaGraphic™.


Design Considerations

  • VFloat™ SuperClear is optically clearer than standard float glass due to its low iron content.
  • Due to its increased clarity, it will also allow greater levels of solar heat through the glass.

How to Specify

  • Available for products that require colour clarity.
  • Select from: Toughened, laminated and toughened laminated.


Standard Stock Sizes

Product Name Thickness Stock Size
VFloat™ SuperClear 4mm 5100mm x 3300mm
VFloat™ SuperClear 6mm 5100mm x 3300mm
VFloat™ SuperClear 10mm 5100mm x 3300mm
VFloat™ SuperClear 12mm 5100mm x 3300mm
VFloat™ SuperClear 15mm 5100mm x 3300mm
VFloat™ SuperClear 19mm 5100mm x 3300mm

Note: Subject to further processing requirements. Standard stock sizes do not reflect actual available stock, please consult Viridian.

Performance Data

Product Name Nominal Thickness VLT (%) U Value SHGC Selectivity
VFloat™ SuperClear 4 91 5.90 0.90 1.01
VFloat™ SuperClear 6 91 5.80 0.89 1.02
VFloat™ SuperClear 8 90 5.70 0.88 1.02
VFloat™ SuperClear 10 90 5.70 0.88 1.02
VFloat™ SuperClear 12 90 5.60 0.88 1.02
VFloat™ SuperClear 15 90 5.50 0.86 1.05
VFloat™ SuperClear 19 90 5.40 0.85 1.06

All performance data is determined using LBL window 7 software. NFRC 100 – 2010 conditions have been used.
Glass surfaces are counted from the exterior to the interior of the building.

Refer to Viridian Performance Data for more values.

Product Card

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