Let's be honest, trying to keep your bathroom clean is not much fun. But that doesn't mean it has to be difficult too. We developed DuraClean™ to help make your cleaning process simpler and keep your shower screen looking squeaky clean for longer. 

Unlike standard glass, DuraClean™ is micro-coated with metal oxides that make water slip right over the surface. The coating is colour-neutral and durable, reducing residue build-up – so you'll enjoy a cleaner bathroom for longer.

Image Dura Clean

Create Beautiful Spaces

DuraClean™ is extremely clear glass featuring an anti-corrosive coating on one side. So you can enjoy the great look of crystal clear glass in your bathroom, without the constant cleaning! 

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Suitable for multiple bathroom applications in residential, multi-residential and hotel settings – DuraClean™ can help you create the bathroom of your dreams!

Image Dura Clean


Throughout the years, DuraClean™ will minimise limescale and other unsightly marks that you'd usually see on shower screens. We're so confident that DuraClean™ can keep your bathroom looking fresh for years, we offer a unique 10 year warranty with purchase! 

Diagram Toughened


DuraClean™ is toughened to activate the anti-corrosive properties of the glass – making it five times stronger than ordinary glass.

Technical Specifications

**DuraClean is suitable for single glazed applications only and is not recommended for use in double glazed units**
  • Shower screens  
  • Bath screens  
  • Shower cubicle walls
  • Maximum Size:
    5100 x 3210mm

DuraClean™ must be toughened in order to obtain its final properties and becomes a Grade A safety glass (AS/NZS2208) when toughened.


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