We know how expensive it can be to keep a family home cool in summer and warm in winter. SmartGlass™ is a range of energy efficient glass designed for the harsh Australian climate.

SmartGlass™ works like the insulation in your walls and ceiling, protecting you and your family from the summer heat and winter chill. SmartGlass™ helps you enjoy the view in comfort. 
SmartGlass1 Year Round Comfort

Year-round Comfort

SmartGlass™ reflects heat away to cool you in summer and inward to warm you in winter. This then reduces your reliance on heating and cooling, saving you money on energy bills.

SmartGlass 2 Take In The Light Without The Heat

Take in the Light without the Heat

SmartGlass™ comes in a range of solar control levels to maximise natural light while restricting the sun from penetrating your windows – offering up to 39% better insulation than ordinary glass.

SmartGlass 3 Comprehensive Warranty

Comprehensive Warranty

We’re so confident in the quality of SmartGlass™ that it comes with our special 10 year warranty, including a processing warranty for extra peace of mind.

Select Your Tone

SmartGlass™ is available in a variety of different tones to achieve different glass performance measures. Browse the options to preview all the different looks:

SmartGlass™ Clear

SmartGlass™ Neutral

SmartGlass™ Grey

Keeping your family cooler in summer …

See through thermal imagery how ordinary glass allows heat to pass easily through your windows when it’s hot outside – shown by the the deep blue hue of the windows pictured. While the SmartGlass windows are a fainter blue, illustrating how heat is reflected away to keep those inside comfortable.

… and warmer in winter

Now see how the heat inside your home leaks out of ordinary glass in winter, illustrated by the red shade of the windows. In contrast, SmartGlass acts like insulation and traps the heat inside to keep you and your family warm, as shown by the blue tone of the SmartGlass windows pictured.

Summer Winter

Technical Specifications

  • New homes
  • Residential renovations
  • Replacement and retrofit glazing

Viridian will advise of processed size limitations depending on your project requirements. 

  Thickness (mm)
Product 4 6
SP10 Clear
SP30 Neutral
SP35 Grey

This product can be supplied in bulk or stock glass sheets through our partner Oceania Glass.  Contact them directly to find out more. 

Product Visible trans. % Visible reflect.% (external) Visible reflect.% (internal) Solar trans. % Solar reflect. % UV trans. % U Value (W/m2°C) SHGC
4mm SmartGlass
SP10 Clear  83 11 11 68 11 54 3.7 0.72
SP30 Neutral  61 8 10 46 8 44 3.7 0.54
SP35 Grey  50 7 9 45 7 21 3.7 0.54
6mm SmartGlass
SP10 Clear  81 11 12 65 10 48 3.6 0.70
SP30 Neutral  63 9 10 45 8 41 3.7 0.54
SP35 Grey  40 6 9 37 7 16 3.7 0.48


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