We respond well to open and inviting spaces with access to sunlight. Yet for many Australians, energy consumption is a major priority. That’s why we designed our Enviroshield Performance™ range – so you don’t have to compromise on either.

EnviroShield Performance™ achieves the energy efficiency of translucent glass while maintaining the visual impact of clear glass – so you can enjoy the view while keeping your power bills down.
EnviroShield  1 Illuminate Space

Illuminate Your Space

EnviroShield Performance™ delivers high daylight transmission – letting you enjoy more natural light in your space.

EnviroShield  2 Year Round Comfort

Year-round Comfort

There are a range of solar control levels available in the range to offer improved insulation and maintain a comfortable temperature in your space without heavy reliance on heating and cooling systems.

EnviroShield  3 Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

The high selectivity of Enviroshield Performance™  ensures less heat radiates from your windows, lowering your energy consumption.

Diagram Laminate Insulation

Insulating Interlayer

A high performance interlayer is added in the laminate – delivering greater thermal insulation.

Diagram E-coating

Low E Coating

Coating is applied that allows natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.

Diagram Tested

Tested & Certified

Products in the range are tested & certified to meet Grade A safety glass standards.

Technical Specifications

  • Large facades
  • Sporting facilities
  • Atriums
  • Libraries
  • Skylights
  • Museums
  • Shop fronts
  • Maximum Size: 3660 x 2440mm
ITO Clear 743.60.5475
ITO Green 673.60.4569
ITO Neutral 543.60.4456
ITO Grey 333.60.3535
ITO SuperGreen 453.60.3446
ITO SuperBlue 403.60.3134

Case Studies

Image Martins Place

High Light

5 Martin Place, Sydney

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