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Viridian Glass – Why double glazing is so important when it comes to glass selection

Why double glazing is so important when it comes to glass selection

Sunday, March 19, 2017

We all know the basic function of a window and why we think it’s important to the design and functionality of our home – to let in the light and allow us to see our surroundings.

But have you ever considered glass that does more than those basic functions? Well that’s where double-glazed glass comes in.

So, first things first. What is double-glazed glass?

Put simply, double-glazed glass (also known as Insulated Glass Units) comprise of two or more panes of glass, separated by an air (or gas) filled cavity that is completely sealed -forming a transparent insulating barrier between the interior of your space and the outdoors.

Once the glass is double glazed it provides a myriad of benefits, that a standard single glazed window just can’t compete with.

So what exactly are these benefits?

1/ Illuminate Your Space

Allows for larger window spaces, opening your home up to more natural light and vaster views.

2/ Year-round Comfort

Double glazing provides superior insulation by limiting the transfer of hot or cold air through windows – making your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This allows you to have expansive glazing whilst still achieving an energy efficient home.

3/ Reduce Outside Noise

The double glazing provides enhanced acoustics, creating a seamless transmission of light through your windows while restricting the amount of external noise reaching inside. No noisy neighbor problems here!

4/ UV protection

The sun can glare down on double glazed glass and your items inside including your lounge will not fade, the glass offers UV protection against the suns harsh rays! Amazing.

5/ Enhanced Security

Because there are not one but two layers, double glazed glass is built tough. Due to its thick nature when subjected to force the glass won’t crack or shatter easily like normal glass.

Who knew all this could be achieved by the humble window?

Our leading double glazing product for residential spaces is Lightbridge – a high performance double glazed unit perfect for keeping you and your family comfortable all year round.

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