Natural light is the key ingredient for making a comfortable and healthy home. That’s why we designed our award-winning LightBridge™ range, so you can  bathe in natural light and reconnect with your surroundings.

LightBridge™ double glazing units kerb the flow of heat in and out of your home to an unparalleled degree.  This allows you to have expansive glazing whilst still achieving an energy efficient home. LightBridge™ is also available in a range of levels of enhanced security, noise reduction and UV protection – putting the power back in your hands to make your home your sanctuary.

LightBridge 1 Illuminate Your Space

Illuminate Your Space

LightBridge™ allows for larger window spaces, opening up your home to more natural light and vaster views.

LightBridge 2 Year Round Comfort

Year-round Comfort

The LightBridge™ range provides superior insulation by limiting the transfer of hot or cold air through windows – making your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

LightBridge 2 Reduce Outside Noise

Reduce Outside Noise

The double glazing of LightBridge™ provides enhanced acoustics, creating a seamless transmission of light through your windows while restricting the amount of external noise reaching inside.

Bring your home out of the dark …

When using ordinary glass, the window space in your home needs to be relatively small to maintain a 6 star energy rating – limiting your access to natural light.

… and into the light

The double glazing of LightBridge™ allows for expansive window spaces whilst still maintaining 6 star efficiency – opening up your home to natural light.

Ordinary Glass LightBridge
Diagram Igu


The range offers exceptional insulation combined with high light transmission through the use of low-e glass and inert gas filled as standard.

Diagram E-coating

Low E Coating

The high performance coating is applied to allow natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.

Diagram Tested

Tested & Certified

LightBridge™ is tested and certified to Grade A Safety glass standards.

Technical Specifications

  • Residential windows and doors

Maximum Size*

  • 4mm LightBridge - 2440 x 1220mm 
  • 5mm LightBridge - 3050 x 2000mm 
  • 6mm LightBridge - 3500 x 2000mm
  • 8mm LightBridge - 4500 x 2700mm  


* Maximum unit sizes will vary subject to final application, glass type and material thickness.

  • LightBridge is available in base makeup, and two levels of Sanctuary upgrade:

LightBridge Base Level - Includes Insulation

LightBridge Sanctuary 1 - Includes Insulation, UV Protection & Modest Noise Control 

LightBridge Sanctuary 2 - Includes Insulation, UV Protection & Superior Noise Control  

  • Five standard colour / privacy combinations are available: Clear, Neutral, Grey, LuminaCloud, LuminaCloud Grey, LuminaMist and LuminaMist Grey 
  • Four standard glass thickness options are available: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm  - which are available in annealed or toughened. LightBridge Low E glass is paired with various glass thicknesses depending on colour tone and Sanctuary level selected.
  • The width of the spacer and the glass type selected will influence the U-value achieved
  • Grey and neutral tones should be considered for windows in hot climates, sun-exposed elevations, and applications subject to high glare
  • Thermal assessment may be required for lower SHGC variants
  • Privacy variants should be considered for bathrooms, bedrooms, windows adjacent to public areas and those subject to overlooking

LightBridge Base Level (includes Insulation)* 

80 1.4 0.60
Grey 50 1.4 0.41
Neutral (5mm) 61 1.4 0.46
LuminaCloud 80 1.4 0.60
LuminaCloud Grey 50 1.4 0.41
LightBridge Sanctuary 1 (includes Insulation, UV Protection & Modest Noise Control)* 
Clear +S1 79 1.4 0.55
Grey + SI 38 1.4 0.35
Neutral + S1 53 1.4 0.42
LuminaMist + S1 61 1.4 0.46
LuminaMist Grey + S1 29 1.4 0.30
LightBridge Sanctuary 2 (includes Insulation, UV Protection & Superior Noise Control)*
Clear +S2 79 1.4 0.54
Grey + S2 38 1.4 0.35
Neutral + S2 53 1.4 0.41 

* Performance data applicable to Low E glass on surface #3, and is based on 4mm LightBridge Low E glass with 12mm argon in all cases. 


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