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Viridian Glass – Why a unique pattern glass was perfect for this Japanese themed store

Why a unique pattern glass was perfect for this Japanese themed store

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

2017 trends are showing that retailers are now opting for specialised design to enhance shopping experiences.

We love that our Viridian ScalaMirage™ glass was chosen to complement the unique fitout of Japanese craft shop Monolab in Melbourne’s South Yarra.

With a Japanese theme dictating the look of the fitout, it was important to choose a glass that was delicate and simple in design but also had a unique quality. Interior designer Lucy Marczy explains how the choice was made.

“The striking etched glass idea instantly grabbed our imagination as representing the natural element of water which is so important in Japanese landscape design. Looking through Viridian’s etched glass range, we discovered their rain pattern. This instantly grabbed our imagination. It speaks of a traditional Japanese landscape element of water, or rain.”

Not limited to just storefronts and display cases, Lucy explains that the glass had a special role.

”It allowed us to reveal and remind visitors once inside the store of the Japanese landscape.  Glass elements here are of a large scale. They are sculptural elements made possible by such a special material. Rather than seeing glass as secondary to timber, we wanted it to be just as strong. The scale really allowed the glass to have its own special personality and very subtly talk about Japanese design and Japanese high-end fashion.”

Stripping back to the basics, the overall look of the glass bench-tops and walls provide a polished, water and granite-like finish of special delicacy and design strength. With a patterned detail the ScalaMirage™ glass used provides an evocative, authentic finish. Acting as a worthy and prestigious holder for the high-end products that grace it. Lucy says;

“The store is defined by a series of individual presentations and retail offerings. This is achieved by elevating and showcasing products on a series of glass and timber display ‘islands’.”

For more information on our ScalaMirage range click here: /products/decorative/scalamirage