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Viridian Glass Choices Explained

Monday, February 27, 2023

How do you know what insulated glazing options are right for your needs? Here we explain more about the glass choices we offer, designed for achieving 7 Stars.

ThermoTech™ Double Glazing

Our standard double glazed unit range, utilising 2 pieces of ordinary or laminated glass, separated by a spacer and sealed together, offering enhanced insulation properties when compared to single glazing. For improved performance ThermoTech™ units can integrate products such as VFloat™, VLam™, SuperTones™, VLam™ Hush or DécorColour™.

Viridian ClimaTech™ Double Glazing

Our entry level Low E double glazed unit range that provides a good level of performance. Comprising of two pieces of glass, one coated with a spectrally controlled Low E coating and the other an ordinary clear or toned glass. Viridian ClimaTech™ is supplied in either heat strengthened or toughened only glass, which is separated by an aluminium spacer and sealed together using argon gas.

LightBridge™ Double Glazing

Our high performance double glazed unit range is a better option due to the combination of Low E glass and thermal spacer. The Low E glass was developed specifically for residential building applications and has argon gas fill as standard. A high insulating factor is assured whilst maintaining a very high level of visual clarity and visible light transmission levels.

LightBridge next™ Double Glazing

Our superior performance double glazed unit range provides all the benefits of LightBridge™ with the additional inclusion of an acoustic interlayer, specially formulated to dampen noise – the best option available in the Viridian double glazing suite of products.

VistaTech™ Triple Glazing

The ultimate performance triple glazed unit range, providing optimal thermal performance and natural acoustics compared to standard glazing. The three-pane technology is five times more efficient than double glazing.