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Viridian Glass – Three Birds Renovations – The House 9 Wrap-Up

Three Birds Renovations – The House 9 Wrap-Up

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A 1960s ugly duckling transforms inside and out.

Welcoming, character and street appeal. All words we hope to associate with our homes, yet none could be used to describe this outdated Hills District eyesore. The girls at Three Birds Renovations had a plan to change that. But even they couldn’t believe the final result. Describing the house as “gloomy, outdated and dimensionless”, the girls considered their greatest challenge was updating the 1960s facade to give this “ugly duckling” some life and charm. We think it’s a result the whole neighbourhood can appreciate. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so shocked by a facade transformation as I am with this house.” Bonnie

Which glass products did they choose?

To insulate against the Sydney heat and street noise, they used ComfortHush for the living and dining room windows. In the bold, patterned bathroom, they chose the decorative ScalaDesign™ Lineus glass for the window. This not only blocked out the nearby neighbours, but brought some old Hollywood glam to the room. While the DuraClean™ shower screen helped create a wet space that fits beautifully in the home design, and makes a small room feel huge.

What was the stand-out?

The use of acoustic glass, which allowed for bright and open spaces while minimising the hustle and bustle noise from outside was a highlight. And naturally, how light it is inside that dramatic dark exterior. A truly inviting facade that’s completely transformed an ugly duckling into a striking black swan. See the girls’ latest reno right here.