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Viridian Glass – How the right glass can help you achieve a BASIX® certificate

How the right glass can help you achieve a BASIX® certificate

Monday, June 25, 2018

If you’re building a new home in NSW, it’s mandatory to attain a BASIX® certificate as part of the development application process. But what exactly is BASIX®?

The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX®) was introduced by the State Government in 2004 to make all residential dwellings in NSW energy and water efficient. In July 2017, changes were made to BASIX energy and thermal control targets, making them more stringent.

Why is this important?

To achieve a BASIX® certificate for your build, you will need to meet strict targets in three areas – energy, water and thermal comfort. At first, it might seem like a roadblock towards building your dream home, but don’t worry – it’s actually a great initiative that will benefit you and the community you live in.

How will it benefit you?

BASIX® compliance will ensure your home is more comfortable to live in without having to rely on heating and cooling. The added benefit of this is you will be reaching for the air conditioning remote less, reducing your overall energy bill, which, in an era where the cost of electricity continues to rise, is news to every homeowner’s ears.

What is the role of Glass in BASIX® compliance?

While it is important to work with your designer, architect or fabricator in meeting BASIX® targets, it’s worth being informed about what products can help you with BASIX® compliance. A building material that is often overlooked for its sustainability properties is glass – you might be surprised to learn that when it comes to meeting the new BASIX® targets, glass can play an important role, particularly in terms of energy and thermal compliance. Glass complements home design by opening up rooms to natural light and exterior spaces. However, when ordinary glass is used, a home’s internal temperature can be significantly affected through poor insulation, resulting in higher energy usage. Reducing the energy lost through windows is key to maintaining the comfort of a home and ensuring energy costs are kept from skyrocketing. This is achieved through the use of quality frames and glass.

Viridian Glass Products that can make a big impact on BASIX® compliance

Viridian has a range of energy efficient products that assist with achieving a BASIX® certificate for a build. SmartGlass™ – Single glazing with Low E SmartGlass™ has fantastic insulation properties, reflecting outside heat in summer and keeping a house warmer in winter. In fact, SmartGlass™ can improve glass insulation by up to 39% compared to ordinary glass – a great product that allows the light in without compromising on thermal control. LightBridge™ – Double glazing with Low E LightBridge™ is Viridian’s highest performing double glazed unit, preventing up to 77% of heat loss/gain throughout all seasons. LightBridge™ provides exceptional climate, energy and acoustic control without losing out on natural light exposure. The long-term goal of BASIX® is to create a sustainable future for NSW communities. Even though some of the targets have increased, compliance is still not insurmountable if you consider the building materials you use. As you can see, the right use of glass can go a long way to achieving a BASIX® certificate. Getting started If you’re building in the near future, the first thing you should do is learn more about BASIX®, which you can do by reading more info on the NSW Government website. When you’re ready to select glass for your home, we recommend that you speak to your fabricator for advice.