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Seraphic™ Spandrel

Ceramic painted spandrels

Seraphic™ Spandrel is our range of ceramic painted glass that is ideal for external facades, wall cladding and spandrels.

Experience the harmony of creativity and durability with Seraphic™ Spandrel, where architectural brilliance meets unparalleled aesthetics. The future of exterior excellence awaits.

Seraphic™ Spandrel not only has an opaque appearance and excellent hiding properties, but it is low maintenance and has superior resistance to heat when compared to annealed or laminated glass.

Seraphic™ Spandrel is also an ideal solution for internal decorative glass cladding such as internal wall paneling, lift shaft paneling and lift walls.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Only environmentally friendly lead free ceramic coatings are used.
  • Very durable and scratch resistant coating which will not crack from temperatures of up to 250ºC.
  • The UV resistant coating is permanently fused to the glass surface during the toughening process.
  • Optimal lead-times compared to traditional ceramic products.
  • When toughened, Seraphic™ Spandrel is a Grade A safety glass.


  • Residential
  • Commercial


  • Facades
  • Spandrels
  • Interior Wall Panels


Design Considerations

  • Not recommended for all over colour applications where the panels will be backlit.
  • Available only in the colour range outlined.


  • The coated surface must be glazed to the inside of the building.

How to Specify

  • Available in Deep Black, Anthracite Grey and Zen Grey.
  • Select from: Toughened, heat soaked and insulated glass unit.


Standard Stock Sizes

Product Name Thickness Stock Size
Seraphic™ Spandrel – Deep Black 6mm 5100mm x 3210mm
Seraphic™ Spandrel – Anthracite Grey 6mm 5100mm x 3210mm
Seraphic™ Spandrel – Zen Grey 6mm 5100mm x 3210mm

Note: Subject to further processing requirements. Standard stock sizes do not reflect actual available stock, please consult Viridian.

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