1st September 2022

Do you have lazy glass?

Do you have lazy glass?

Ok, so you’re probably thinking what is lazy glass? In simple terms, it’s glass that doesn’t have the added benefits designed to make your living spaces more comfortable or energy efficient. 

Selecting better performing glass for your home will mean that your windows will still be delivering benefits long after the kitchen benchtop has discoloured and the taps have fallen out of fashion!


What are the big benefits of choosing high performance glass?

Windows and glass will have a huge impact on your home. Not only do they add to the comfort and liveability of your home, but they also save you money on lighting, heating and cooling, reduce noise and help keep you connected to the outdoors.

Government energy standards are demanding better ways of building, and Viridian has a complete range of energy efficient glass options to help homeowners create a space that not only exceeds current standards but will also give you a far more comfortable home to live in for years to come.


What kind of glass helps reduce noise?

As housing becomes more compact and we are living closer to our neighbours, selecting a glass product with additional acoustic benefits keeps unwanted noise out!

LightBridge next™ double glazed units were specifically designed to dampen noise without compromising on thermal comfort. Glass performance is taken to the next level by combining thermally efficient spacer technology with the added benefits of an acoustic interlayer. This allows you to have larger windows for optimal natural light, provides privacy and noise control without compromising the comfort levels felt within.


“We didn't do much research into windows for our project, but afterwards regretted the fact as windows were so important to the end result and how we felt in our home!”

- Hazel & David, homeowners in Templestowe


Can I use different types of glass in different parts of the home?

Yes! If you find that some areas of the home are prone to catching the brunt of the sun in summer and none in winter, then choosing different performing glass types for different orientations of the home can truly be of benefit. At Viridian, we feel every home is unique and the glass should be carefully selected to suite the individual living spaces of the home.


How do I know how glass is performing?

The performance of glass can be measured, allowing us to understand the impact of the windows on the home’s overall energy efficiency.

Performance values are measured on the whole window, which means the window frame and the glass combined, not just the glass.

Understanding what these values mean, and how the measures work is very important to ensuring that the glass specified is going to suit the performance requirements of the home.