We’re a little biased and think all glass is a work of art. But there’s no doubting how amazing our DigiGlass range is – giving you unmatched possibilities in beauty and innovation.

DigiGlass™ uses a computer-based digital imaging system to place your image between layers of glass. The system is exceptionally efficient and versatile, opening up endless opportunities for you to decorate your space.

DigiGlass 1 Create Beautiful Spaces

Create Beautiful Spaces

DigiGlass™  offers limitless options for high resolution images, company logos and more. The full colour range available offers a sharp look that delivers your space that “wow” factor.

DigiGlass 2 Long Lasting Durability

Long-lasting Durability

Your DigiGlass™  feature is sure to stand the test of time with the image printed in fade resistant ink and protected between layers of glass.

DigiGlass 3 Enjoy Added Privacy

Enjoy Added Privacy

With DigiGlass™ you can select from solid or transparent colours to keep your space stylish and private.  

Diagram Laminate Decore

Decorative Laminate

A high resolution image is printed directly onto a DuPont PVB interlayer and laminated between two layers of protective glass – delivering you a beautiful finish.

Diagram Privacy

Privacy Interlayer

The transparency options available in the laminate allow you to create translucent, opaque or reflective spaces that secure your privacy.

Diagram Custom


DigiGlass™ offers an excellent range of colour options – so you can customise your design however you like. You can add subtle tonal differences or create a bolder look.

Technical Specifications

  • Staircases
  • Balustrades
  • Lift car interiors
  • Showerscreens and interiors
  • Building facades
  • Entries
  • Partitions
  • Splashbacks
  • Maximum Size: 2250 x 5100mm

Multi laminates also available

Available with any glass combination including Low E's, performance glass, DécorSatin, mirror, low iron, heat strengthened, toughened

Scaling, Resolution and File information:
Optimal image scaling at 1:10
Image file quality 150 to 250 DPI per sq inch at actual size
Electronic files acceptable
FTP site facility available for clients for ease of file transfer
Most PC or MAC based design applications including PDF.

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