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Viridian Glass – Supporting Tamworth’s The House The Drought Built

Supporting Tamworth’s The House The Drought Built

Friday, May 29, 2020

Our local relationships in our Viridian Glass branches allows our teams to have a long standing connection with our rural areas, so when we got the call to help with a local fundraising initiative in Tamworth we were excited to be able to contribute.

Natalie and Daniel Urquhart from G.J. Gardner Homes in Tamworth have spearheaded the efforts to bring the local community together to build a home and auction it off to support locals who have been affected by the devastating affects of the drought.

The home is being built in the Lampada development in Tamworth. A group of local suppliers have come together to supporting the efforts. Proceeds will be distributed to those affected in the Tamworth region’s most drought affected areas by The Salvation Army.

We have proudly supplied LightBridge double glazing to the project in collaboration with our valued Tamworth Fabricator customer, Manilla Glass who have completed the install successfully.

Read more about the initiative and express your interest in the property here

We wish the team all the best as the home gets very close to completion! We can’t wait to see who the lucky family is who gets to enjoy the lifelong benefits of this beautiful home.

See some progress shots: