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Viridian Glass – Greenhouse by Joost – construction commences

Greenhouse by Joost – construction commences

Thursday, August 6, 2020

‘Imagine solving the world’s problems by simply changing the way we live…’  Joost Bakker

Designer, restaurateur and entrepreneur Joost Bakker is a passionate advocate for sustainability. His passion for a ‘no waste’ future has led him to create innovative projects which showcase how sustainable living can be a reality if we design, construct and source building products mindfully.

This year Joost is taking his vision to Melbourne’s Federation Square – with the construction of the Greenhouse pop-up. Viridian Glass is excited to support this project!

The Greenhouse is a self-sustaining two-bedroom home which will shelter, feed and provide energy for those living inside. The clever design of the home will aim to do what nature does by re-purposing what would usually be regarded as waste in order to grow produce on-site.

In partnership with the University of Melbourne and the CSIRO the project goals around food production, indoor air quality and education of sustainable habits will be studied and measured as part of the project output.

The concept has now commenced construction! With the design concept, construction practices and building materials all sourced to be accessible. The design will also be made available to the industry to replicate, to help educate designers and homeowners alike of the possibilities and make it easier for them to activate.

We are pleased to be supplying LightBridge next™ double glazed units to this project. Viridian’s superior performance double glazing will create a comfortable space as we head out of Melbourne’s cooler winter and into the warmer months, limiting the amount of electricity needed to power the home. The home will also have added noise comfort, with the addition of the acoustic interlayer, and we can’t forget the importance of natural light! This is all about adding to the wellbeing, comfort and affordability of the home for the occupants.

Award winning Chefs Matt Stone and Jo Barrett will live in the home for 6 months, and they will be growing, harvesting and cooking the food which is sourced from the building.

Read more about the food vision for the project here, and follow live progress at Joost’s Instagram @joostbakker.

Keep an eye on our social media channels and the blog for update as the construction progresses!

Take a look at the structure going in….

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