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Viridian Glass – Australia turns the climate corner

Australia turns the climate corner

Friday, June 17, 2022

Viridian welcomes Australia’s changed position on Climate Change and supports the forward thinking and brave move made by the Australian Government who have committed to boost Australia’s contribution to the Paris Agreement.

The commitment to change Australia’s position to a 43 per cent target, which is up by 15 to 17 per cent from the 26 to 28 per cent target set by the previous government, helps underpin what businesses have been crying out for, investment certainty.

Industry leaders have the answers! Yes, in fact our industry has been actively supporting the importance of minimum product performance for windows and glass over the current outdated modelling provisions for more than a decade.

Together, with other industry professionals we have made numerous public submissions, drafted standards, and benchmarked our antiquated building provisions to the rest of the world to no avail.

Today, Australia turns the climate corner. We should contemplate what could have been if better energy regulations were introduced a decade ago? Would we be reading the headlines day after day, threatening blackouts on the east coast because of our inaction and short sightedness in this space?