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Viridian Glass – Nouvobanq Head Office – Seychelles

Nouvobanq Head Office



Nouvobanq Head Office – Seychelles


Architects Studio in association with Tirant Associates


Laxmanbhai & Co

Facade Engineer:


Glass Processor:


Principal Glazing:

AssaultGuard™ is the branding alternative to SOLOS SecurView™

Products used:

Secure climate controlled sophistication - provide a turn key solution for the Nouvobanq Head Office located on the island of Mahé, the largest island within the Seychelles archipelago.

Sandwiched between soaring granite mountains and a busy maritime harbour, the Nouvobanq office building is located amongst old Colonial/Creole Style buildings situated in the bustling port of Victoria.

With a brief to provide high levels of security, impact resistance and light transmission across a range of applications within the bank, over 80 panels of 13.52mm and 21.52mm toughened custom laminated SecurView™ were supplied to the site over a five month period.

Utilising an interlayer which is 4x thicker than standard laminated glass, SecurView™ appears as a clear transparent wall, offering excellent levels of resistance to attack from potential intruders.

SecurView™ retains its integrity and continues to offer a protective barrier even if the glass is broken.

The Result

The Nouvobanq is an impressive, state of the art building complimenting its surrounding corporate infrastructure on the stunning island of Mahé. By offering high levels of clarity, safety, security and impact resistance without the distortion often associated with thick glass, SecurView™ is the ideal and most effective solution; the perfect partner for both Nouvobanq and the NuPress glazing system.

SecurView™ glass panels enhance the visual aesthetics of the building whilst the key features of improved safety, strength and thermal resistance match perfectly the specifications required for this high profile, security sensitive, public building.

Project Specifications

Sector: Commercial

Application: External Curtain Wall | Internal Glass Fins Internal Balustrades | Internal Lift Shaft

Product Mix:
13.52mm SecurView™ Custom Laminated
21.52mm SecurView™ Custom Laminated
19mm EnviroClear® Toughened