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Thursday, September 5, 2019

On-trend privacy glass without the safety concerns.

The rise in modern retro design has seen demand grow for Viridian’s Squarelite wired glass.

Traditionally made with wire inside, this glass has an impressive effect. Allowing for light, privacy and an interesting finish.

The challenge we have when supplying this product is that Squarelite is unable to go through the toughening process due to the wire inside. Glass toughening is a key process to producing glass of a Grade A safety standard. Toughening ensures that if the glass breaks, it breaks in safe rubble-like granules as opposed to sharp dangerous shards.

The Viridian PixaGraphic™ team have come up with a solution for customers wanting this type of product. The team have used their design and technology expertise to replicate the look of this on-trend wired glass without the safety concerns. They do this by printing the wire pattern on to the glass, which means the product is then able to be taken through the toughening process, making it safe and up to standards. So, you can achieve the desired look without putting your family or building occupants at risk.

See a photo of the original and PixaGraphic versions side by side – can you spot the difference?

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