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Viridian Glass – What Architects say about glass?

What Architects say about glass?

Thursday, June 20, 2019

We have interviewed many architects over the years to suss out how they feel about using glass. What value does it add to their designs in function, form and aesthetic?

We love glass and its versatility – it makes way for beautiful, comfortable light filled spaces allowing us to be productive at work, and rested at home.

Don’t take this amazing product for granted!

Take a look at how these Architects express their appreciation for glass in design.

“Glass provides unobtrusive flexibility and thermal performance…”

Richard Cole

“You can see that at different times of the day glass becomes this wonderful, luminous surface that you can walk under, or on. It creates unexpected light and shadow.”

Matthew Morel

“Glass is a really important component in what we’ve done with large scaled glazed walls for deep light and orientation. Rather than being trapped within a building in a learning program, you’re actually connected to the world.”

Craig Brown

“It comes back to that notion of the community destination. Glass is really important in achieving that. You could have a box with no windows and you wouldn’t achieve the same thing.”

Andrew Hjorth

“To marry a heritage building with a contemporary building is almost impossible without glass. Glass is the critical element. The link connects the church and house to create this beautiful moment. Without glass, solid against solid hides the original detail.”

Ilana Kister

“Glass is helping us from a sustainability angle, and also a design angle and these are critical things that interweave and go towards creating a fantastic outcome.”

Julian Brenchley

“The healing benefits of daylight for patients can’t be underestimated. The glazing selection plays a key part in delivering this intent.”

Ian Wong

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