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Viridian Glass – Upgrading Your Home Design Means More Than You Think

Upgrading Your Home Design Means More Than You Think

Monday, December 1, 2014

Home owners in the know understand the importance and value placed on upgrading when building a new home and we’re not talking marble-bench-tops-and-designer appliance-upgrades.  Instead, second-time home owners are looking to enhance their build package by increasing the amount of natural light in their home, providing comfort and improved energy efficiency.

Second and third home buyers are becoming savvy at the design stage and redirecting funds to areas of the home that will give them long-term benefits such as additional windows to alleviate the problem of a house being too dark, too cold or too damp achieving a comfortable environment that lasts the life of the home.

Recent findings1 suggest a little under a third of people surveyed while visiting Sydney’s largest Display Village, said that previous homes they have lived in exhibited features that were uncomfortable or unhealthy, suggesting they are too hot or too cold, too expensive to operate, too damp or too dark.

Within that group, more than half were prepared to discuss an upgrade with their builder and pay to avoid these perils when building their next new home, with 1 in 6 suggesting they would spend more than $5,000 just to get these important issues right.

It also pays to have a builder that is knowledgeable and communicates these options from the get-go. The vast majority of home owners would view their builder more favourably if they addressed issues such as comfort and wellbeing and the alternatives, up front at the design stage, which would ease the burden in later years for additional rectifications.

Take the time to look at the entire package and what upgrades can be offered, be open and upfront with your builder and you’ll end up with the dream home running on maximum efficiency.

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