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Viridian Glass – The CSR House Project – 8 Star Energy Rating

The CSR House Project – 8 Star Energy Rating

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If you’ve ever been involved in building or renovating a house, or even just thought about it, you’ll know how stressful it can be.

There’s a mountain of information available to you, and a seemingly endless number of decisions to me made…What are the key things that will give you the best value for money long-term? Can you have an innovative design for a reasonable price? Does a sustainable house have to be expensive or unattractive? What does “sustainability” actually mean? The answers to these questions and many more can be found via the CSR House Project.

The CSR House Project is a 10-episode video series that demonstrates sustainable building practices. The series features products such as bricks from PGH, Horizon roof tiles and SolarTiles from Monier, Hebel PowerWall and PowerFloor, Gyprock plasterboard, Edmonds vents, Bradford Insulation and Enviroseal sarking, Viridian Low E glazing including Integrated Glass Units and Cemintel fibre cement products.

And importantly, CSR House achieves an 8 Star rating. Houses with an 8 Star rating typically require around 75% less heating and cooling energy than the average Australian home*. The CSR House itself represents an average sized Australian new home of around 250 square metres, including three to four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a double garage and open plan living and study area. Throughout the project, CSR has gained knowledge of the construction process and researched opportunities to improve the design and specification process and how products and systems can come together more innovatively and efficiently.

In collaboration with leading building research institutions CSR House has been established as an ongoing facility for investigation of the innovative building products and their contribution to achieving higher levels of building performance at affordable costs.

You can follow the CSR House journey here: —- *NatHERS Starbands climate zone 2B. Average Australian home based on CSR research.