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Viridian Glass – Patterned and Frosted Glass: The Big Comeback

Patterned and Frosted Glass: The Big Comeback

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Long gone are the days of dull, frosted floral patterns strewn across glass on ageing doors.

With modern day frosted and patterned glass, there’s a whole world of possibilities to add light, texture and visual interest into your surroundings, while maintaining your own contemporary style.

If you’re looking for a way to give your home a little something-something, then patterned and frosted glass is going to play a pivotal role in your design. There are many reasons why everyone’s talking about it.

Here are a few:

1/ It’s about privacy

Patterned and frosted glass helps create areas of privacy, while looking well-considered both from the outside looking in and vice-versa. It’s an obvious reason, but a tested and true one. For example, a translucent glass shower screen, like one made with ScalaTexture™ glass adds a functional layer of style, and adds subtle boundaries for separation.

2/ It’s about aesthetics

A cupboard door inset with frosted glass, or a beautifully designed cabinet door of patterned glass can be very visually pleasing, creating a standout focal point. It can also help tie various design elements together to produce a streamlined aesthetic in your home that’s welcoming as well as calming.

3/ It’s about welcoming natural light

At Viridian, we’re strong believers in the power that natural light can have on your living spaces, so this reason is a personal favourite. Think about replacing a solid wall with our ScalaMirage™ glass, and you’ll see what we mean. Rather than creating harsh partitions, it helps open up your spaces to bring in plenty of light and make your rooms look bigger.

4/ It’s about displaying without giving away too much

The subtle art of displaying personal belongings in an eclectic way is certainly having its moment in the spotlight design-wise, and rightfully so. Your cherished possessions are a glimpse into who you are, and a well-placed pane of patterned glass can help you showcase these items, perhaps in a cabinet, while still having all of them put away and organised. It’s all about putting on a show, without actually putting on a show.

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