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Viridian Glass – Origami Poolhouse – a luxurious escape for all seasons

Origami Poolhouse – a luxurious escape for all seasons

Friday, July 17, 2015

Located in the picturesque suburb of Hawthorn in Melbourne, MADE Group’s poolhouse is a virtual tip-toe across the lily-pads such is its finesse and elegance.

Enclosing an existing pool, its X-ray structure ensures year-round family use instead of the seasonal plunge. Rather than endlessly heading to the local pool, the owners save themselves the drive and now swim, bathe and enjoy pavilion life throughout all seasons.

MADE’s design expertly utilises a pitched vented roof and sliding operable walls across three elevations for optimum visual effect. Glazing with Viridian ThermoTech™ offers brilliant sun-drenched transparency when closed—or a giant cooling breezeway when fully opened. Either way, it’s a full sensory experience to harness, rather than deny the elements.

ThermoTech™ roof panels are tough enough to carry foot traffic while clear enough to admit high levels of sunlight

MADE architects Colin Beanland and Michael Huynh are interviewed about the ideas and technology in utilising a pavilion as a truly immersive environment:

This is technically and creatively a really elegant solution. What was your rationale for glass?

CB: Glass was quite fundamental to our concept because the whole idea is for physical and visual permeability. Glass played an integral part in the visual permeability, especially in winter, because the idea was that it was firstly a light, flowing form. We wanted a very subtle, elegant result inspired in part by Philip Johnson’s glass house. It’s just the really light, slim-lined form with glazed walls and glazed ceiling. We looked into a few systems for the ceiling that provided insulated properties so that’s why we went with Viridian ThermoTech™. We engaged a mechanical engineer to set some parameters for that highly controlled environment—especially in winter mode. The external ThermoTech™ skin together with the Bauer system achieve those high values.

The ThermoTech™ used in the ceiling is around 40 mm thick. Why such a size?

CB: Apart from ensuring the optimum heat retention performance, it’s also a very clear product, used throughout for optimum transparency. That thickness also permits easy roof access for any maintenance and cleaning.

What has been your experience with Viridian?

CB: Mainly working on residential projects we will regularly call-on their resources to research and supply the optimum product for the purpose. We called them on this project and they were fantastic.

Anything else that informed or inspired you?

CB: We wanted a quite sculptural result much less like a building and more like a piece of art in the garden. Take a virtual tour of the Origami Poolhouse:

Film: Peter and Jenny Hyatt

For more information on Viridian ThermoTech™ range click here.

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