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Loving Glass Series: Double glazing

Thursday, September 1, 2022

People talk about the huge benefits of double glazing; we want to take a deep dive into the technology which makes up a double glazed unit before it is built into your window frames.
What is a double glazed unit?


A double glazed unit is two pieces of glass sealed with a spacer bar. The spacer bar is the strip you see in between the two pieces of glass. Before the unit is sealed, we fill it with argon gas and depending on the type of product, we may also include a Low E coating on one pane of the unit, which increases the energy performance. The argon gas, the spacer bar and (in some products) the Low E coating creates a perfect glass unit for added insulation.

How is double glazing made?  

Viridian double glazed units are made here in Australia using both local and imported components.

The Viridian Glass business employs just over 500 Australians – who work across the country to process and supply glass.

We locally process the glass components through our factories in both Sydney and Melbourne and distribute to our window trade customers across the country.

Double glazing is made by running both pieces of glass through a combination of automated and manual processes to ensure quality and efficiency. Our staff then check units for quality before they are safely loaded on to our trucks to either be sent to our window customers’ premises or straight to a building site. We supply the product according to our customer requirements for the order.

Viridian Glass office support staff in Sydney did a double glazing workshop to follow the process of how a double glazed unit is made, here are some snapshots. We have a hard working and focused team who are dedicated to this process!


How is double glazing installed into my home? 

Your builder or window installer will order the glass directly from us on your behalf, and install the glass into your chosen frame. This is why it’s important for you to work with your window installer to ensure you choose the right framing system that accommodates the double glazing of your choice. This applies if renovating or building a new home.

You may want to read our recent blog post about how double glazing works once installed into the home here.

Where can I find out more about Viridian’s double glazing range? 

Our best performing double glazing products are Viridian ClimaTech™LightBridge™ and LightBridge next™. Ask your window fabricator or builder which option best suits your requirements and specifications.

See the end result! 

Guy and Jules Sebastian chose locally processed LightBridge™ double glazing for their amazing home, the type of double glazing chosen suited their design intent and the LightBridge™ product allowed them to achieve their window goals. Their home definitely is #windowgoals! Take a look!

Scott Clarkson is a Building Performance Expert and runs Clarkson Consulting, he explains more about double glazing and how it works. Take a look!