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Viridian Glass – Homeowners feel the double-glazing difference!

Homeowners feel the double-glazing difference!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The benefits of double glazing and passive home design really come to life when homeowners experience the difference once living life day to day inside!

We were delighted to be contacted by John who owns building design office, Sunergy Design. He shared some fantastic feedback from one of his clients who chose Viridian double glazing, with considered hardwood timber frames.

The design needed some tweaking initially, the choice of hardwood timber frames meant an adjustment in the house position to ensure adequate bushfire rating protection and safety.

John said, “Clients who embrace window performance seem rare and so few will see the big picture, they just see the big number at the start as opposed to their energy (or firewood!) bills for the next twenty to thirty years.”

After only a few weeks into winter, the homeowners didn’t need to heat their home! John told us his client said it seems like it is becoming a bit of a game to see how long it takes for them to need to use their fire heater.

John told us, “since then, the fire has been used a few times in the evenings after rainy or cloudy days. Most evenings after sunny winter days it’s 22C inside, dropping to around 17C in the mornings now with the colder nights, before the sun starts warming it again.”

We love stories like this – windows and glass are an essential part of all dwellings, however we strongly encourage homeowners when building or renovating to take a good look at the glass you are choosing and speak to the experts to ensure windows give you not only a great view and natural light, but also year round comfort.

Thanks to John from Sunergy Design for sharing your story.

If you have questions about window and glass choice for your home speak to your designer, builder, window fabricator or installer to find out your options, and make sure your ask for Viridian Glass!