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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fraser Motorcycles’ flagship store in Sydney’s west has set a benchmark for automotive retail design around the world.

At first glance it is clear that this is not your average motorbike shop. Famous motorcycle journeys, such as the path from the film Easy Rider, are laser cut into the metallic exterior and backlit at night to striking visual effect, while large expanses of glass provide glimpses of the unique design experience that lies within.

Project Details

Designed by Dreamtime Australia Design, the development houses a retail space, showroom, workshop, sales offices, function room, board room and restaurant. The focal point of the showroom is the Dynamometer (or ‘Dyno’) testing room, where motorcycles are tested at full speed in a safe and controlled environment.Visible to showroom visitors through a soundproof viewing window, when bikes aren’t being tested, the room shows off the latest release motorcycles on a revolving platform elevated between the showroom and workshop area. Reaching their top speed in the Dyno room, a high performance Ducati or Harley Davidson will generate sound levels in excess of 100 decibels, which is considerable when you take into account that a freight train produces approximately 88 decibels. 

“The Dyno room proved to be a major challenge as Australian standards permit levels of only 50 decibels in a showroom environment,” says Andrew Jones, of Dreamtime Australia Design. “With this in mind it was decided the room should be encased in a glass box which had to be custom designed and acoustically engineered to bring the sound level down by the required 50 decibels. This was successfully achieved using two separate layers of 17.6mm laminated glass with a 200mm gap separating the two glass walls.”

The result is that restaurant patrons can enjoy a meal undisturbed by the motorcycles being tested at top speed only metres away.

Other Glass Features

From the bathroom walls to a glass covered floor trough, glass supplied by Viridian features extensively in the building’s design.

“Visitors are provided with an interesting and unique use of glass at every turn,” says Andrew.

Due to the large size of the facility, air conditioning and environmental impact were also a major concern.Using Low E glass, air conditioning was reduced by 30 percent and UV transmission by 70 percent, when compared to ordinary glass. The result is a very impressive complex that grabs attention.