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Viridian Glass – Glass trends: Ways with glass walls

Glass trends: Ways with glass walls

Monday, July 10, 2017

Large expanses of glass create a strong, beautiful connection between your home and its surroundings – and thanks to modern glazing technology, you can enjoy these benefits without compromising on home comfort!

Looking at current trends in modern home design, one thing is clear; it’s all about the creation of spaces that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living. We’re seeing larger expanses of glass featured in designs to allow rooms to benefit from an abundance of natural light all year round, with a greater focus on movable external walls and large doors that offer the flexibility to fully open up homes to the outdoors in the warmer months.

Glass walls are the perfect choice to achieve all of the above and more, providing unparalleled views, flexibility, and thanks to advancements in energy efficient glass you don’t need to worry about chilly winters and uncomfortable summers.

Sliding glass walls, glass curtain walls, and bi-fold glass walls are just a sampling of some of products you have to choose from – each with its unique look and functionality.

Divide and conquer: Create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors

Glass walls are ideal for opening an interior space to an outdoor living area — creating flow between a living room and deck, for example, for a more fluid relationship between the outdoors and the indoors.

Introducing sliding or folding glass walls into your home allows you flexibility in how you use and experience the space – change it up depending on the season, the occasion, or even just your mood.

Most important consideration? Durability
Choosing glass? Try a toughened laminated glass

Let there be (natural) light!

Natural light continues to be a desirable feature in all homes; large areas of glazing on the external façade – and internally between rooms – allow light to transfer from one part of your home to the next.

It’s important when choosing products for any expanse of glass to consider energy efficiency, otherwise you could end up with higher energy bills and rooms that are too hot or cold. Fortunately, there are plenty of glazing solutions that pair timeless good looks with high-tech energy efficiency.

Most important consideration? Energy efficiency
Choosing glass? Go for specialised energy efficient glass

Take in the sights

Make the most of the view beyond your windows and open your home to the great outdoors by incorporating a wall – or walls – of glass into the design of your home.

In addition to making sure the glass walls in your home help to keep it well insulated, and provide flexibility to open up to the outdoors, ensuring crystal clear views to the outside world is essential so you can enjoy the feeling of connectivity to your surroundings (even when the weather isn’t at its warmest).

Most important consideration? Clarity
Choosing glass? Look for low reflection, high clarity glass

Building a new home – or renovating an existing one – provides valuable opportunities to incorporate features that enhance the amount of light, space and beauty in your home. And glass walls provide all three!

Final piece of advice? When choosing sliding glass walls, longevity is just as important as looks – after all, you want your investment to offer effortless beauty and protect your home from the elements for many years to come. Remember, choosing quality glass and selecting a knowledgeable, experienced installer are equally important.

Want the inside scoop on the latest design trends? We’ll continue to share our top tips for introducing beautiful, contemporary glass features to your home as trends reveal themselves throughout the year – your hardest decision will be choosing which one you’re most excited about!