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Monday, October 18, 2010

Think of any shopping strip or mall and one of the most important building materials is the one you don’t see – performance glass!

Visibility and Product Display

Letting products sell themselves is all about display. Without glass, the need to provide visual openness in combination with security and separation would be impossible. Contemporary retail demands high brand visibility in competitive marketplaces. Modern architecture, freshness, openness, light and captivating design can make all the difference. The BMW Adelaide West Terrace showroom (shown above) is a high profile example of just how a prestige dealership recognises the role design plays in product appeal. A dynamic glass façade cleverly brings out the best in the vehicles on display.

Minimalist glass walls supported by post-tensioned steel rods and held by custom designed patch fittings contribute to the highly transparent veil. In addition, modern commercial display applications need to meet environmental and security considerations – something Viridian’s range of performance glass delivers, while letting the displayed product speak for itself.

The Challenge

With apparent effortlessness and invisibility, contemporary retail solutions need to balance optimum transparency while managing environmental, security and in some cases solar load considerations. These commercial projects involve complex architecture and high levels of craftsmanship. Shopfronts, display cases, balustrades and even translucent flooring all require performance glass product. Glass such as Viridian SuperClear provides maximum transparency and clarity, providing a crystal clear glass without the green tint usually found in standard float glass. Colour transmittance is more accurately processed, a great aid in product presentation, and the glass is available laminated, toughened and curved. The beauty of the product opens up a raft of new possibilities for architects and designers and opportunity for retailers to break new ground in product display and retail innovation.