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Viridian Glass – Does double glazing work?

Does double glazing work?

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

We hear one of the most asked questions by homeowners when it comes to choosing glass is whether double glazing works. The short answer is yes, but let’s explain!

What is double glazing?

Think of double glazing like a glass sandwich with invisible filling.

Two pieces of glass are formed into a unit and connected with a piece of metal or plastic called a spacer bar. The unit is then filled with argon gas and sealed off – ready to be installed into the window frame.

But why?

Well, why do you choose to use an esky or thermos for your picnic or morning commute? We want to keep our food and drinks either hot or cold for longer, so an insulated vessel is going to support this. This is how double-glazing works!

The double stacking of glass and argon gas in between creates insulation which slows the rate of hot or cold coming in, or flowing out, of the home. Keeping the spaces in the home at a comfortable temperature for longer.

What does this mean for me?

This means over all you use less powered heating and cooling as the home maintains a comfortable temperature in extreme weather conditions for longer. This is good for your hip pocket, and for the environment.

Choosing a high-performance double-glazed unit also means you can have a bigger window without worrying about the impact this is going to have on the temperature inside.

You can also quiet down the outside noise as double glazing can dampen the noise coming in from outside.

Take a look at LightBridge next™, this is our highest performance double glazed product coming in March 2020. This product includes advanced noise and energy performance.

How much more will I pay for double glazing?

Double glazing gives you up to three times better thermal insulation compared to standard single glazing. It is not going to cost the same as single glazing, but you are paying for a product which is produced in a specific way to make it perform better.

It’s like saying a motorbike and a road bike are the same, but the technology is very different – so how could you compare the price? The same can be said for double glazing compared to standard glass.

You can also choose windows to suit the orientation of your home, for those rooms which may bear the brunt of the sun due to its direction you could decide to choose double glazing for those areas.

It is well worth the cost to get your window glass right the first time, you can change paint and finishes easily but it’s much more difficult to change your windows later.

To get an idea of cost with window frame options speak with your window fabricator or builder.

How do I get it?

Your window manufacturer will build your windows, and they purchase the glass from Viridian on your behalf.

Ask your window manufacturer or builder about Viridian double glazing and crunch those numbers. Remembering that getting the windows and building envelope right from the outset will provide the right foundations for a comfortable home all year round.