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Viridian Glass – Choose glass to suit your lifestyle!

Choose glass to suit your lifestyle!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Did you know there is a variety of glass options you can choose for your windows? Don’t get overwhelmed by glass choices, get excited! Glass is versatile, when you select glass with the right window frames you can make your home’s envelope work for you (like insulation does in your walls!).

Whether you want larger windows without the risk of a very cold or warm home in the extreme weather months, or you want to reduce some of the noise from outside – there are options from acoustic glass, to high performance double glazing (or even a combination of both!).

We were proud to work with the Three Birds Renovations team and Sophie Bell on the build of the Bell family’s Hinterland Hideway in northern NSW.

Sophie has a clear vision of window placement and frames throughout the home, but didn’t realise she could choose her glass. Erin helped guide her through the selection process – and she decided on Viridian ComfortPlus™. Take a look at the video below!

Remember, you can choose your glass. So, speak to your window fabricator or builder about your glass choices (and don’t forget to ask for Viridian Glass!).