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Performance single glazing

SolTech¹ is a single glazed hard coat Low E product with a neutral aesthetic that is bluer in appearance, designed specifically to improve thermal insulation and solar control performance benefits combined with low visible light reflection and high light transmission.

As the pyrolytic hard coating of SolTech¹ is applied during the float glass process it is extremely durable and can incorporate additional processes after manufacture compared to soft coated products.

Due to the nature of the coating it can be exposed to the interior of a building to provide improved thermal insulation and can also be used as part of a laminated or insulated glass unit.

SolTech¹ is supplied in a range of clear, coloured and toned float glass types for design and solar control flexibility.


SolTech¹ is a registered trademark of Oceania Glass.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • SolTech¹ Grey is designed for use in hotter climates where medium insulation and high solar control is required.
  • SolTech¹ Neutral is designed for use in mixed climates where medium insulation and solar control is required.
  • When toughened, SolTech¹ is a Grade A safety glass.


  • Residential


  • Windows
  • Doors



  • Haze may be present under certain light conditions.
  • When single glazed, the coating must be exposed to the interior of the building. The Viridian product label affixed to the glass must be installed to the outside of the building.
  • When incorporated into an IGU, it is recommended that the coating be applied to the internal surfaces of the unit, and ensure the coated surface is identified and oriented for optimal performance on surface #2.


How to Specify

  • Available in Grey or Neutral.
  • Select from: Laminated, toughened laminate or insulated glass unit.


Standard Stock Sizes

Product Name Thickness Stock Size
SolTech¹ Grey 6mm 5100mm x 3210mm
SolTech¹ Neutral 4mm 5100mm x 3210mm
SolTech¹ Neutral 6mm 5100mm x 3210mm
SolTech¹ Neutral 10mm 5100mm x 3210mm

Note: Subject to further processing requirements. Standard stock sizes do not reflect actual available stock, please consult Viridian.

Performance Data

Product Name Nominal Thickness VLT (%) U Value SHGC Selectivity
SolTech¹ Grey (#2) 6 30 3.70 0.37 0.81
SolTech¹ Neutral (#2) 4 61 3.70 0.54 1.13
SolTech¹ Neutral (#2) 6 63 3.70 0.54 1.17
SolTech¹ Neutral (#2) 10 62 3.60 0.53 1.17

All performance data is determined using LBL window 7 software. NFRC 100 – 2010 conditions have been used.
Glass surfaces are counted from the exterior to the interior of the building.

Refer to Viridian Performance Data for more values.

Select Your Tone

EnergyTech™ & Soltech™ are available in a variety of different tones to achieve different glass performance measures. Browse the options to preview all the different looks:

EnergyTech™ Clear

EnergyTech™ Grey

EnergyTech™ SuperGreen

SolTech™ Grey

SolTech™ Neutral

EnergyTech™ Light Grey

Product Card

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