Mirrors add a great sense of space to a room and provide valuable light reflection to enhance the available natural lighting. Our DécorMirror™ range offers the perfect addition to any room.

DécorMirror™ offers excellent light reflection, perfectly complementing a sleek modern design.


DecorMirror 1 Illuminate Spaces

Illuminate Your Space

DécorMirror™ has a high light reflectance – making your room lighter and brighter.

DecorMirror 2 Long Lasting Durability

Long-lasting Durability

DécorMirror™ is produced with two coats of special backing paint, offering additional protection to the silver coating from steam, moisture and chemicals.

Range of tones

DécorMirror™ is available in a range of tones to suit your residential or commercial design, 

Technical Specifications

  • Bathrooms
  • Wardrobes
  • Traditional framed mirrors

Viridian will advise of any processed size limitations depending on your project requirements. 

  Thickness (mm)
Product 4 5 6
DécorMirror™ Clear
DécorMirror™ Black*    

*By enquiry only

This product can be supplied in bulk or stock glass sheets as MirraEcho™ through our partner Oceania Glass.  Find out about their stock product here

WITHDRAWN PRODUCTS: DécorMirror™ Grey, DécorMirror™ Bronze and DécorMirror™ SuperClear products are withdrawn effective 1st August 2022. 

DécorMirror™ is manufactured in a wide variety of sizes to minimise cutting loss.



The silver coating of DécorMirror™ offers high light reflective qualities, enhancing the natural light in your space.

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