9th April 2020

Loving Glass Series: What should I think about when choosing glass?

Here is the second instalment of our Loving Glass series - this week we share a list of thought bubbles to keep in mind when planning a home build or renovation. We will try not to get technical, this is about you and your family getting real about how you want to feel in your home. 

Natural Light - We talk about it a lot, but it's really important and we can all agree on the great feeling we get when we open our blinds on a sunny day. A light filled home creates an inviting brightness which can aid your work, down time and entertaining. We all know different seasons affect our moods and productivity - so ensuring our buildings optimise the benefits of natural light is important to year round comfort. 

Noise Comfort - You only need to look at our apartment cities and housing estates to work out we are living closer together more than ever before and in closer proximity to train lines, busy freeways and airports. We can't always control the noises coming from outside, or how our inside noises can travel out. So considering the area you live in and how an acoustic glass might help is important. Town planning compliance now also requires acoustic glass be used in certain locations closer to freeways, airports or train lines so it is worth considering this early so you're ready to ask the right questions. 

Privacy - There are areas in the home where you want natural light but also need privacy. Two story homes which look over a single story house, or bathrooms for example. Consider where you need that extra privacy, you don't always want to install blinds in a bathroom so a frosted glass may ensure there is privacy whilst maximising natural light. 

Heat Loss and Gain - This is getting a little technical, but bear with us. We wish it weren't so but windows are a conductor of energy, this means they are responsible for heat loss and gain in the home so using ordinary basic glass and windows can result in a chilly home in winter, or hot rooms in summer. Knowing this, you can design spaces which optimise how our homes take on the sun during winter and summer and choose high performance glass to help regulate how the outside temperatures are absorbed.

Choosing an energy efficient glass or double glazing makes a huge difference because it slows that absorption of outside temperatures. This takes the edge off the peaks and troughs in temperature which occur in the home when we are in extreme summer and winter months. A high performance glass and window smooths out these extremes creating a consistent temperature in the home all day long.  This means you're not rushing to switch on your powered heating and cooling, which can take pressure of those dreaded energy bills! See an example of this in action as told by a homeowner here.  

One more note - how we all behave going forward when making decisions like building or renovating can aid or abet how we as a country can make an impact on carbon emissions. You can do your bit by having a more energy efficient home. 

Scott Clarkson is a Building Performance Expert and runs Clarkson Consulting, he explains more in our latest video. Take a look!