Tired of the constant racket that comes with urban living? Our ComfortHush™ glass absorbs external noise and maintains a comfortable temperature in your home.

Whether it’s nearby traffic or noisy neighbours, sometimes you just want to disconnect from the world and recharge. We’ve designed ComfortHush™ to help you escape from the daily grind and make your home a sanctuary.

ComfortHush 1 Minimum Outside Noise

Minimise Outside Noise

ComfortHush™ absorbs outside sound, allowing you to enjoy the view without taking in the outside commotion.

ComfortHush  2 Relax IN Year Round Comfort

Relax in Year-round Comfort

ComfortHush™ allows you to have thinner, lighter glass that still keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

ComfortHush 3 Reduce Furniture Fading

Reduce Furniture Fading

The ComfortHush™ range has enhanced UV protection, helping reduce the rate at which your furniture fades.

Diagram Laminate Noise

Acoustic Interlayer

The 3-layer laminate is specially designed to dampen noise and limit vibrations.

Diagram UV Protection

Low E Coating

Coating is applied that allows natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.

Diagram UV Protection

Reduced Rate of UV Fading

The 3-layer laminate of ComfortHush™ provides higher UV protection.

Select Your Tone

ComfortHush is available in a variety of different tones to achieve different glass performance measures. Browse the options to preview all the different looks:

ComfortHush™ Clear

ComfortHush™ Neutral

ComfortHush™ Grey

ComfortHush™ Translucent

Header Image Architect Drawing

Order A Sample

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Technical Specifications

  • New homes
  • Residential renovations
  • Unit developments and apartments
  • Replacement and retrofit glazing
  • Office buildings
  • Retail
  • Institutional and social buildings
  • Maximum Size: 3660 x 2400mm
Thickness (mm)
Product 6.5 6.88 10.5 10.88
ComfortHush Clear
ComfortHush Neutral
ComfortHush Grey
ComfortHush Translucent

To avoid noise leaks, you need to ensure that ComfortHush™ is installed in a frame that's well sealed and professionally fitted. If the frame isn't sealed properly then ComfortHush™ can't work to its full potential.

Product Name Nominal Thickness Acoustic Rw Visible Solar UV Trans U Value SHGC Shading Co. Weight m²
Trans. Refl. Out Refl. In Trans. Refl.
ComfortHush™ Clear 6.5 36 82 10 11 64 9 <1 3.6 0.68 0.79 15.4
ComfortHush™ Neutral 6.5 36 59 7 9 42 7 <1 3.6 0.51 0.60 15.4
ComfortHush™ Clear 10.5 38 79 11 11 58 9 <1 3.6 0.64 0.74 25.5
ComfortHush™ Neutral 10.5 38 62 8 10 40 7 <1 3.6 0.49 0.58 25.5
ComfortHush™ Grey 6.88 36 39 6 9 39 6 <1 3.6 0.49 0.57 15.4
ComfortHush™ Translucent 6.88  36  63 8 10 51 7 <1 3.6 0.59 0.67 15.4
ComfortHush™ Grey 10.88  38 38 6 9 34 6 <1 3.6 0.46 0.53 25.5
ComfortHush™ Translucent 10.88 38 61 8 10 46 7 <1 3.6 0.55 0.63 25.5
All performance data is determined using LBL Windows 5.2 software. NFRC 100-2001 conditions have been used.

* Based on comparison of weighted sound reduction index (Rw) of ComfortHush™ and 3mm annealed float glass. † Based on comparison of weighted sound reduction index (Rw) of ComfortHush™ and 10mm annealed float glass. ™Trademark of CSR Building Products Limited.
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If you're designing a commercial building, download our Window Performance Data Estimation Tool to assess how a broad range of Viridian glass products perform in a set of industry-typical frames.

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