We believe that light and comfort should go hand-in-hand. That’s why we created PerformaTech™ –  giving you the opportunity to design beautiful, affordable and sustainable buildings.

PerformaTech™ balances high levels of light transmission with very low levels of solar heat gain to provide you with a brighter and more comfortable space.

PerformaTech 1 Relax In Year Round

Relax in Year-round Comfort

PerformaTech™ offers superior thermal insulation and a range of solar control levels – keeping your space at an ideal temperature.

PerformaTech 2 Create Beautiful Designs

Create Beautiful Designs

PerformaTech™ offers a high level of design flexibility because of the high ratio of daylight to radiant heat.

PerformaTech 3 Versatility


PerformaTech™ can be combined with other Viridian products in a double glazed unit to deliver multiple benefits including additional privacy, security, noise and other benefits. Making PerformaTech™ suitable for almost anything you can dream of.

Diagram Igu

Double Glazed Unit

PerformaTech™ offers exceptional insulation combined with high light transmission through the use of low-e glass and inert gas filled as standard.

Diagram E-coating

Low E Coating

A range of double & triple silver Low E coating is applied to allow natural light through without emitting radiant heat, maximising light and energy efficiency.

Technical Specifications

  • Facade
  • Windows
  • Overhead Glazing
  • Curtain wall
From 3300x2140 to 4500x2700

*Subject to glass type and material thickness*

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Viridian PerformaTech™ is available in either heat strenghened or toughened. By combining Viridian PerformaTech™ with any one of the Viridian products in a double glazed unit, a vast range of performance characteristics and aesthetic options can be achieved.

Glass building facade

Window Performance Data Estimation Tool

If you're designing a commercial building, download our Window Performance Data Estimation Tool to assess how a broad range of Viridian glass products perform in a set of industry-typical frames.

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Case Studies

Image Geelong Library


Geelong Library & Heritage Centre, Geelong, VIC

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