Security means different things to different people, so it’s best to address security concerns on a case-by-case basis.

One thing’s for sure – with state-of-the-art security comes peace of mind. And our security glass means you can enjoy that peace of mind, without sacrificing the benefits of natural light, views and connectivity that only glass can deliver.

Advanced glass technology means that keeping your space secure doesn’t mean it has to be designed looking like an impenetrable fortress. You can have open and inviting spaces, that still offer safety and security to those inside.

It’s not that we make unbreakable glass. But rather we make glass that can break without letting anything come through to harm people inside.

How does it work?

Multiple layers of glass are combined with interlayers used for their durability and resistance to attack. The thickness and type of interlayer provides resistance to penetration and varies depending upon the design function – what it’s intended to defend against.

Then, our glass goes through rigorous testing processes to make sure it stands against the threats you need it to. For example, when testing and rating for intruder resistance performance is tested against actual physical attack.

Where & why would I need security glass?

Safety and security measures are needed everywhere, but not always to the same extent.

Let us talk you through some of the different ways our glass can keep you safe – from protecting against the most severe of threats, down to providing simple peace of mind against everyday security worries.

The most extreme security requirements can be met using our strongest security glass products.

Some places that you might consider taking serious security measures with glass include high risk areas like embassies, government buildings and high profile buildings.

For the protection of these kinds of areas, we recommend Bomb & BlastGuard™, a specialised product for countering the threat of bomb attacks. Bomb & BlastGuard is designed to withstand bomb blast waves and bomb case fragments.

Our bullet resistant glass, BulletGuard™, is an excellent consideration for buildings such as banks, police stations payroll institutes and more. Specifically designed to resist firearm attack, BulletGuard™ can offer peace of mind to buildings that could face the threat of armed robbery.

Specially designed to present an enduring barrier for vulnerable entry points, IntruderGuard™ is the best choice for those that simply want to protect their home from forced entry.

So as you can see, we have security glass options specifically engineered to meet the needs of high security standards of correctional facilities, down to security glass for protecting shop fronts from burglary and households from forced entry.

We also have options that protect against the threats of life that aren’t so malicious. For example, safety glass that won’t shatter into a million shards when broken and glass capable of resisting storms and other dangers. So no matter where you are, you’re safe with us.

So how do I find out what kind of glass I need to enhance my security?

If you require security glass, and you want to start finding the right glass to meet your project needs - we've got just the thing! Take a look at our Security product range

If you're in the trade or design industry, or working on a commercial project which has specific security glazing requirements you can contact us about your project here

For all residential security glass needs have a chat to your builder or contact a glass fabricator or installer in your local area directly, and remember to ask for Viridian Glass!