Don’t think that glass only performs functionally as a part of your home or building – it’s also useful as a decorative tool. Any space is capable of shining with the right use of glass.


We’ve created a world of colours, patterns, textures and effects to help you achieve the look you want for your space. Our glass can help you bring to life the best design possibilities for your space.


How, you ask?


Brightening up with colour

Colour is one of the most powerful tools for design, and our range of coloured glass delivers a convenient way to add it to your space. Let us help you get inspired and creative with colour.

Take a look at our ColourBack™, DecorPanel™ SB, DecorColour™, Seraphic™ Design, Seraphic™ and PixaGraphic™ products to be inspired. 

Controlling light

Glass walls, partitions, doors and screens not only look superb, but they open up a space beautifully to natural light. Smaller areas like en-suite bathrooms become light, bright and feel more spacious through the transmission of natural light.

Take a look at our DecorSatin™ and VLam™ Translucent products. 

Enhancing your sense of space

Our range of mirrors will do wonders for the feel of your space. Mirrors brighten up your area by bouncing natural light around, and add to the sense of space in any room.


Seriously – put a large mirror in smaller and darker spaces like hallways, and it’ll feel like you’ve doubled the size of the space!

Take a look at our DecorMirror™, DecorMirror™ VLam and DecorMirror™ Safe SB products. 

Patterns for privacy and decor

Our decorative range is full of patterned and translucent glass options. The patterns don’t simply provide a unique design touch for decorative purposes, they also secure privacy for those more personal areas – like your shower.

Take a look at our DecorPattern™, DecorSatin™ and VLam™ Translucent products. 

Creating design features

It’s not just our decorative range that can offer a design element to your space. The smooth, clean lines of glass create a luxurious look in any room.

Take a look at our customer print on glass product, PixaGraphic™.

You can create an understated but elegant look with our other products too. For example, large areas of frameless glass make an impressive design statement in bathrooms.

So what do I do now?

If you want to explore the use of decorative glass for your next project take a look at our Decorative glass range

For all residential decorative and bathroom glass needs, have a chat to your builder or contact a glass fabricator or installer in your local area directly. Remember to ask for Viridian Glass! 

If you're in the trade or design industry you can contact us about your next project here