In buildings like banks, embassies and police stations, an extreme level of protection is needed to ensure the safety of people within. Our BulletGuard™ range delivers just that.

Our lightweight BulletGuard™ range protects from the threat of firearm attacks – as you have probably already guessed. What makes it extra special is that it also delivers excellent daylight transmission and clarity. So you can still enjoy the very best of natural light entering your space.
BulletGuard 1 Safety Security

Safety & Security

BulletGuard™ provides resistance to defined attack levels under the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS2343. The range is also customisable to specific threat levels and applications, to help ensure your safety.

BulletGuard 1 Get The Look You Want

Get the look You Want

BulletGuard™ offers design expertise through life durability and high visual quality, it also maintains visual integrity even after attack.

BulletGuard 3 Lightweight Solution

Lightweight Solution

BulletGuard™ offers a lightweight option, which is ideal for many situations where bullet resistant glass is needed – especially in armoured and defence vehicles.

Diagram Laminate Security Spawl

Security Laminate

The range comprises of multiple compositions of glass, highly specialised scratch resistant polycarbonates, polyurethane, security interlayers and security films.

Diagram Tested

Tested & Certified

The range is tested & certified to AS/NZS 2343 standards.

Technical Specifications

  • Used in banks and payroll institutes, embassies and government offices, police stations, high profile public buildings, armoured and special defence vehicles
  • Maximum Size: 2000 x 1000mm
  • Please consult with Viridian Technical Services to discuss specific requirements for BulletGuard applications

The BulletGuard range of products are multiple compositions consisting of glass, highly specialised scratch resistant polycarbonates, polyurethane, specifically developed security interlayers and security films.

The components used in the manufacture of BulletGuard products retain a high level of light transmission and a high degree of visual integrity following an attack.

BulletGuard products retain a high degree of visual integrity following an attack.

Attack level Weapon and calibre Ammunition Range Number of strikes Weight (kg/m² ) approx.
G0/G1 Handgun 10.2g soft point 3m 3 57.84
357 Magnum semi-jacketed, flat nose
G2 Handgun 15.6g soft point 3m 3
44mm Magnum semi-jacketed, flat nose 70.36
SI Shotgun 12 gauge 12 gauge 70mm 28.35g single slug 3m 2 93.40
Rl Rifle 5.56mm M 193 5.56 10m 3 120.73
3.6g 3.6 ful metal case 120.73
R2 Rifle 7.62mm NATO standard 7.62mm 9.3g full metal case 10m 3 120.73
Notes: Chart based on Standards. The standard defines three broad attach level categories: 1. "G" Resistant to handgun attach. 2. "S" Resistant to shotgun attach. 3. "R" Resistant to rifle attack. R1. Rifle 5.56mm S1. Shotgun 12 gauge G2. Handgun 44 magnum R2. Rifle 7.62mm.


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