PixaGraphic™ transforms glass into a creative medium without limitation

A scalable, all weather canvas upon which you can realise your visual ideas with exacting control, in brilliant colour and breathtaking, high resolution detail.

For enquiries contact the team at pixagraphic@viridianglass.com.au

Designed To Stand The Test Of Time

The PixaGraphic™ manufacturing process combines hardwearing, lightfast ceramic inks, with the very latest in direct-on-glass digital printing technology for a durable finish.

Picture Perfect Beauty

You can use PixaGraphic™ for all manner of internal and external applications – including retail settings and full-scale external facades. If you can picture it, PixaGraphic™ can help you achieve it.

Total Creative Control

Achieve the level of light transmission, nuances of hue and brightness your ideas demand.  Be it urban scale legibility or human scale realism, you’ll be amazed at the clarity and depth of detail PixaGraphic™ can deliver.

Technical Specifications


  • Balustrades
  • Bathroom Wall Cladding
  • Doors
  • Furniture
  • Partitions
  • Splashbacks
  • Wardrobe Doors



  • Balustrades
  • Doors
  • Facade
  • Furniture
  • Overhead Glazing
  • Spandrels
  • Windows

4mm - 2440mm x 1220mm

5mm - 3400mm x 2000mm

6mm to 19mm - 6000mm x 2800mm

PixaGraphic™ can be applied to the following glass types:

- Clear

- SuperClear

  • PixaGraphic™ must be heat treated before use. Once toughened it is a Grade A Safety Glass (AS/NZS2208).
  • For splashbacks and bathroom wall applications, a secondary print layer is required to provide better coverage and assist in masking the wall which may have marks, glue or silicone visible. This will incur an additional charge.
  • Backlight is defined as illuminating from behind, where a powerful source of light is concentrated on the panel e.g. direct sunlight. Any light source that is strong enough to pass through the print surface will be considered as backlit. Viridian does not advise the use of solid printed colours where backlight may occur.


For design specifications and considerations download the PixaGraphic™ Design Guide

For enquiries about PixaGraphic™ contact the team at pixagraphic@viridianglass.com

  • Viridian will not keep the final artwork; it is at the customers discretion to keep the final artwork for panel replacement/reproduction.
  • Computer monitors display colours differently, the colours of the artwork may change slightly to suit the PixaGraphic™ printer’s settings (see PixaGraphic™ Design Guidelines for more information), as a result we cannot guarantee print colours will match colours viewed on screen when printed. If you would like to review an accurate representation of colours we suggest to order a sample.
  • RGB files will need to be converted into a CMYK colour mode prior to submission to Viridian. The conversion of colour mode might slightly affect the final aspect of the colours. Viridian cannot guarantee the same colour accuracy as the traditional 4 colour process. Please supply colour swatches, if possible.
  • Ceramic inks do not offer magenta; therefore, some colours such as pink and purple are not possible to print. We are also unable to produce a bright red. If artwork includes these colours they will be shifted to the closest match within the ceramic ink colour spectrum. If these colours are a significant part of your artwork, we recommend requesting a sample for colour checking. Due to variations in glass substrate and ink batches, replacement panels may exhibit a slight colour variation.
  • Files need to be supplied at a scale of 1:1 at 300 DPI to ensure an acceptable outcome is achieved. It is recommended that files should be a minimum of 50 MB, however we will accept files between 20MB and 1200MB.
  • Font size for text on clear glass must be no smaller than 12pt. Text on coloured glass should be no smaller than 14pt and a heavier font weight to minimise the risk of ink bleeds.


Custom graphism, photography and design can be printed on PixaGraphic™ to create the specific look you want.

Tested and Certified

Tested and Certified

PixaGraphic™ is tested and certified to Grade A safety glass standards (AS/NZS2208)

Strong and Safe

Strong and Safe

Once toughened, PixaGraphic™ is a Grade A safety glass and is 5 times tougher than ordinary glass.


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