Glass can enrich a space in many ways, but only if its properly looked after. Which is why we offer Renew™ – the world’s first self cleaning glass.

Renew™ has a special dual action coating that breaks down dirt and washes it away, saving you on time and money spent on keeping your windows pristine.
Renew 1 Cleaner WIndows

Cleaner Windows

The special coating on Renew™ keeps glass sparkling clean by allowing water to spread across it easier and breaking down compounds that make dirt stick to glass.

Renew 2 Save on Cleaning

Save on the Effort and Cost of Cleaning

Never again worry about the cost and time it takes to keep windows looking clear and shiny – the Renew™ self-cleaning coating will take care of that without ever needing to be reapplied.  

Renew 3 Crystal Clear Views V2

Experience Clear Views

The self-cleaning coating will make sure you can always see clearly out of a Renew™ window – so sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Diagram Durable

Durable Hard Coating

Renew™ has a unique hard coating fused to its surface that doesn't require reapplication.

Header Image Knowledge GPB Clear Vision V2

Learn more about enjoying the view

Australians get to enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful surroundings and plenty of sunlight to match. But to see all of this in its glory, the glass bordering your space needs to deliver excellent transparency and clarity.

Glass & Clear Vision

Technical Specifications

  • Windows
  • Facades
  • Overhead Glazing

Maximum Size:

  • 3mm : 3660 x 2440mm
  • 6mm : 5100 x 3210mm
  • 3mm
  • 6mm
  • 6.38mm
  • 10.38mm
  • 12.38mm

Customised laminate or IGU available

  • Only approved sealants can be used in structural silicone or weather seals. Careful attention to window design and selection is required.  Refer to compatible sealant Dow Corning 757 or contact Glazing and Construction Supplies (GCS) on (08) 8371 3100 for stock inquiries.
  • Gaskets for the window system must be neoprene or butyl based tapes.
  • For areas that have 'hard water' and/or sea salt spray, special attention to selection is required. Please consult with Viridian™ for recommendations.
  • Renew is a self-cleaning product designed for organic material deposits on glass. It is not effective at breaking down salt deposits or other inorganic materials. It is therefore not recommended for use in coastal or high salinity areas where salt film build up is an issue.