1st September 2022

Do you have lazy windows?

Do you have lazy windows?

A lazy window is a term we like to use that best describes a window that acts as a wind and water screen at best. The windows will meet the minimum legal requirements set by the National Construction Code (NCC) and nothing more. 

Lazy windows offer no additional benefits and will do nothing to keep your house cool in summer or warm in winter. When compared to other leading window systems available in Australia, lazy windows are surprisingly up to 7x less energy efficient.


What are the big benefits of choosing high performance windows?

There are several benefits to choosing a high performance window system, including increased energy efficiency, security, reduced noise, drafts, dust and pollution!

Windows make up a significant external surface area to your home, and as they are the weakest point in the building’s envelope, switching to high performance windows will make a noticeable improvement to your home.

With a reduction in heat gain during the summer and heat loss in the winter by up to 85%, the biggest benefit of high performance windows is energy savings. This means less demand on the electricity network, less carbon dioxide produced by the burning of fossil fuels and more money in your pocket!


Are high performance sliding doors possible?

Yes! Unlike typical sliding doors that rely on brush seals to try and keep the drafts, dust and noise out, high performance uPVC sliding doors such as the Smart-Slide system by aluplast® are extremely high performing. The sliding door system has multiple locking points and two co-extruded seals that delivers excellent performance against air, wind and driving rain.

Selecting high performance sliding doors means bigger and larger doors can be achieved in your home without compromising on comfort.


What kind of hardware do high performance windows use?

To increase security and ensure drafts and noise are kept out, high performance hardware works on all sides of your windows and doors. Historically single point locks on windows and doors have been the norm in Australia, yet other markets have been using hardware with multiple sealing points for decades! All types of windows, including awning, casement, tilt-turn and sliding can be selected with modern hardware solutions.


What kind of materials make up high performance windows and doors?

High performance window and door systems can be made out of many materials including aluminium, timber, uPVC or a combination of materials. 

- Aluminium is a big conductor of hot and cold energy. Only Thermally Broken systems can be considered high performing.

- Timber is a naturally good insulator but susceptible to a lot of maintenance. Modern laminated timber frames combined with high performance hardware will provide stable solutions and can be used to keep the joinery in good condition with a tight seal.

- uPVC joinery is almost maintenance free! After decades of real-world performance usage in hot climates such as the Middle East and freezing conditions such as Antarctica, uPVC windows and doors provide the highest insulation values and airtightness available on the market!


Viridian and aluplast have joined forces to help change the conversation around uPVC window frames and triple glazed units in the Australian market.

The Block 2022 returns for the biggest season in the show’s history! With the renovation focusing on sustainability and energy efficient building solutions, it formed the perfect project for Viridian and aluplast® to demonstrate the true benefits of using high performing triple glazed window and door systems in future renovation and new build projects.

All houses will feature the ultra-advanced, triple glazed IDEAL 4000® and Smart-Slide window and door systems from aluplast®, complete with Viridian VistaTech™ ultimate performance triple glazed units.