Did you ever see a glass structure and wonder how it worked, or how it could possibly be safe? Because as great as glass looks, it’s kind of a weak material, right? Wrong.

Sure, glass is brittle, not like steel – we’ll give you that much. But there’s a reason you can see it play such a dominant role in skyscrapers, balconies, balustrades and other place you wouldn’t think it would work.

Glass isn’t just good looking, it’s the best building material we’ve got to work with that’s strong, resilient and transparent.

So naturally, it’s all about finding the right product for your application and making sure it’s got what it takes to hold your design together.

Through clever use of composites, we have glazing systems that bring us the best of both worlds – all the advantages of glass while meeting all the requirements for safety and structural integrity.



If you want a balcony with glass fencing so that your view isn’t disrupted, you’re going to need Grade A safety glass. That might be toughened, laminated, heat strengthened, or both toughened and laminated.

There’s a lot to be considered. For example, in the case of an accident, you need to be sure that any falling glass causes no public danger.


Frameless Glass Doors

These are amazing for shopfronts and office entrances because they make the space more inviting. After all, frameless glass doors are the closest thing to no door at all.

For clear vision into your building, you should look into one of our structural glazed systems. Door hardware can be selected from several manufacturers and custom finishes are available.


Walls & Facades

If you want solid glass walls, Profilit™ is an excellent choice. That’s a self-supporting glazing system, supplied as a glass and framing system for facades and internal partitions. It can be installed as a single wall or a double wall for added noise reduction and thermal insulation.


So I can have glass anywhere I want?

Pretty much. Glass is a surprisingly suitable building material for many applications that you wouldn’t even consider.


What do I do now?

Try using our Product Finder tool to find what you need. Or if that doesn’t work out, check out our Glass by Application page.