Australians get to enjoy some of the world’s most beautiful surroundings and plenty of sunlight to match. But to see all of this in its glory, the glass bordering your space needs to deliver excellent transparency and clarity.

You might think that all glass is essentially see-through, but there’s all kinds of issues with ordinary glass that can taint the way you enjoy the views and natural light in your space.

How can glass impact my view?

Glass clarity

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s right in front of you. But when we’re talking about glass, that may be exactly what you want.

Due to the materials that go into it at manufacture, ordinary glass has a slight green tint, particularly noticeable where you get to see the edge of the glass.  This normally doesn’t matter so much in conventional windows, as it is scarcely noticeable. 

But when we’re talking heavyweight glass like showerscreens and balustrades, or where the glass sits over a colour or image – as with a light-coloured splashback or glass-covered artwork - many people prefer a clearer, more colour-true outcome. Products like VFloat SuperClear™ may be the solution you need.

VFloat SuperClear™ is manufactured to a different recipe to conventional float glass – a low-iron formulation that results in far less of the green pigmentation observed in ordinary clear glass.  This provides a glass with bright clarity, dazzling edge effect, and faithful transmission of backing colour.


Have you ever walked past your window at night hoping to take in the stars, and instead only caught your own reflection?

The surface of all conventional glass is naturally reflective, but that reflection is mostly only  noticeable when there’s not much light coming through the glass.  Whenever you have more light on one side of the glass than the other you’ll  get a noticeable reflection if you’re on from the high light side, and far less noticeable on the low-light side. Unfortunately, it happens this way regardless of the view out your window. Well, for most glass, that is; not so much with our Clear Vision glass.

OptiView™reduces glass reflection to less than 2% from the standard 7%, thanks to its transparent yet durable anti-reflective coating. So you see less reflection, and more of the world. 

Dirt build-up

Cleaning your windows for a crisp view isn’t always as simple as breaking out the spray cleaner and a soft cloth. For many buildings, particularly multi-storey residential and commercial buildings, professional cleaning is required. But that’s expensive, difficult to organise, and can come with associated accident risks.

Renew™ is our self-cleaning glass with a specially developed, transparent exterior coating. Applied to the clear glass during manufacture, this is an active coating which uses a combination of the energy from the sun and a water attractive surface effect to deliver an innovative dual cleaning action.

Once exposed to daylight it reacts with the UV rays from the sun to break down and disintegrate organic dirt deposits such as bird droppings and tree sap. The second property of the coating then causes rain or wash water to sheet over the glass surface more uniformly to carry the loosened dirt and contaminants away.

Though no glass can ever claim to clean itself to pristine condition at all times under all conditions, Renew reduces the visual impact of dirt on the glass throughout its life and can reduce the frequency of manual cleaning required.

I want the clearest views, so what do I do now?

If you’re beginning to see that our Clear Vision glass might be what you need to enjoy your views to their full potential – we’ve got just the thing! Try using our Product Finder tool to see what’s possible.

Or if that doesn’t work out, check out our Glass by Application page.