18th September 2019

Rockcliff Manor Restoration

Restoring the remarkable past with the help of impressive inventions of the future

Here at Viridian Glass we are passionate about the ways natural light can transform a space. We also understand the demand for comfortable and more energy efficient spaces is growing.

We are always excited to share the work of our partners, and how they use our glass in their important work.

Sealasash is one of our valued partners who are an industry leader in the restoration and preservation of original wooden windows to bring innovative and environmentally friendly alternatives in building renovation.

Sealasash use Viridian glass with the benefit of reviving heritage windows. Resulting in savings on energy bills for occupants, positively fighting the war on waste and preserving the craftsmanship of the past.

Recently, Sealasash began the restoration project on “Rockcliff Manor”, a six-storey waterfront apartment block in North Sydney, originally constructed in the 1930’s. This opportunity allowed the Sealasash team to install 600+ pieces of Viridian’s thermal efficient Low E coated acoustic glass, preserving the existing windows and repairing the heritage wooden frames. In doing this, they have created a system that is sustainable, improves the heating and noise aesthetics, while also preserving a stunning, historic building.

The Sealasash team have also innovated their safety measures with a unique and innovative invention known as the ‘Sash Crab’. This piece of equipment allows workers to remove sashes for glazing, repairs and painting to external frames in a way that not only promotes the safety of employees working at heights, but also saves significant costs on standard scaffolding and prevents lead paint chips from falling into the environment below. This invention is a step ahead in the industry, promoting the protection of heritage buildings, safety in the workplace and leaving the natural environment free from lead paint debris.

As demand grows for thermal efficiency and noise reduction, people are also becoming more aware of the benefits in choosing restoration over replacement. Supporting the war on waste, the combination of Viridian’s acoustic and energy efficient glass and the know-how of Sealasash combats these contemporary issues in a sustainable and forward-thinking way.

We can’t wait to see what other fantastic projects the Sealasash team take on. Find out more and contact the Sealasash team here.